The Elementary School Dance Debate

Tuesday, February 13th

A school in Utah is making a rule that girl can't say no to boys who ask them to dance at school dances. Do you agree or disagree?!


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life as 100 point seven kiss FM worries finale alleys out today not feeling well so it's just givens and I know. Now we came across this story this elementary school this is outrageous what they're doing I think is very. Very different it's unlike anything I've ever heard cell given you know and elementary school dance write down of Valentine's Day dance. They have now said and told all of their students that they have to say yes. When they're asked to dance. YX this is one of the women whose daughters in the sixth grade this elementary school. She originally thought that her daughter had misunderstood the rules of the stance but she didn't. Don't know honey you you guys are misunderstanding again that's not how it is and teachers at a will. Does she can't she has to say yes she's Castro except and I said excuse me ask you basically just said you know that they've been doing this. They've had to stand set up this way for a long time and they've never had any concerns before. OK so this is there right so the you have to say yes if you're asked to dance or someone asked you to dance you can't refuse it. And the super what the spokespeople for the school says it has to promote kindness and in the school with respect of. Reply we wanna promote kindness and so. You know we want to say yes when somebody asks you to dance if there is an issue their students that. Or uncover more power problem with another student I mean that's certainly something that can be addressed with us student parents. Right. Here very odd I think it's a weird thing to tell elementary school students that may be aware wrong on the 7991037. If you like this time limit. You have to say yes if you're asked to dance and you decide to grow as a dad danced got to say yes. Other way around ball players I 100%. Was against it until adjuster was at the principal of the school spokesperson of Carlos or somebody says if someone's uncomfortable or you don't like the situation you can you have the option. To say no rights but still even just doing just say yes. You don't say that they're encouraging inclusion now. So they don't want people to feel like there rejected distinction doesn't want anyone to dance with them for some reason. This one of that and a teacher or one of those parents rather the thinks that they're sending the wrong message to kids. I do see it from their prospectus when it comes about that there are many other ways to teach children how to be accepting you are on the day and then with a social dance. And the bad message to girls that girls have to say yes Brent things about Nash has two boys that girls will. They camping out and psychologically my daughter keeps coming to me insane. I can't say no to a boy that's the message kids are getting. Agassi her time it is so what do you think 7991037. This day elementary school in Utah for the Valentine's Day danced. You have to say yes disaster S asks dance good morning who is this. Everything out easy and you. I actually I like it also played with like it at me and sent it doesn't make it feel bad and that W what am I think I'm their. Making it out if he would. On your mom aren't. Sure what society it is signed it. I got a lot of activity like lighting the character like a foot short you're. You know you. Act like so I promoting as a ballplayer but you know what part of what got. Or actually want you off. It's funny to Pretoria and it's. Like it's 21 batters sounds better. To burn things. If they Chicago we appreciate the mornings I was gonna marry anti locking what do you think about this you taught elementary school saying for their Valentine's Day dance you can't say no to an anti have to say yes when asked to dance what do you think. Well I don't think in the environment that we live today you wish he should almost as all. Different you know pressures that women are basically a girl that's why would we put that additional pressure on a young girl to say yes. Whitaker and in this is saying now. Yes you got a letter feel the situation I think I didn't think he should be a learning thing if you don't wanna dance is somebody you don't have to dance with them. Voice and and say yeah. Yet mr. say that when they're in a situation when their little bit or are they yell help that they asked because. Experience they had a yellow curry. I remember I can't say now is it a one intern and a wanna make this person feel that by saying no snow on CN's Nancy were you thinking about that you play in the tapes thorough. Yeah thanks for culinary appreciate you listen and what mark off and Jessica and Kenosha Jessica Kenosha what do you think about this you taught elementary school you Chester I have to say yes to the dance. Fine you know I don't like that there are other ways to teach compassion and and I imagine that rejection of the part of life for credit build resilience and could only carry Jack dead you know I mean and being able to rule. Bounce back from Matt EP. Finally difficult could that. Mozilla and giving everyone a participation award. Exactly now everybody can whack and you volume rejection of the part of life. Yeah I think you know Johnson times you don't Delhi earlier the guys into yeah I'm. Or I was the kid in middle school that I would always ask the girls dance they were always tell me no and after hearing know what. Thousand times you have a tough skin you know a little bit of CNN. And here we have I wanna parliamentary of course pyramid Gillick a bloody bandage like if you don't have immediately what I'm not a playground. You should that the bloody bad since some leads us to come up and say hey you wanna play without. A different pumping up like that public fourteen everybody thinks. You don't have a slight campaign dollars in first choice. OS and other entities inclusion I get in there and we'll thanks for Colin. You and joining us sometimes at the end of the day which is bad dancers like a lot of oh tough I that's I don't think he. A great day until the mirror didn't and a white boy and is not flee or. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.