Does Riggs Give An Eff - Stupid Challenges

Thursday, April 20th

All the social media posts you get annoyed with, Riggs calls them out one by one with a segment called "Does Riggs Give An Eff?"  Enjoy.  


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Mix and Alley rewire. Social media incredibly frustrating. Yeah her some people like me so as to places you median turn it into a game called Newton. Does a I don't Israel has given up about any of these things. Filling in for producer David and good he had whiplash yeah sorry I met with the it is very simple. The play you guys are going to give away up the post from one of my friends social media pages okay. So master like even Africa to say yes or no great Hendrix play along at home and play along in the studio are up. All right yeah. Griggs our friend poses on FaceBook says. Now coming blood or marriage relatives can you name the person from your friends that you've known the longest itself copy and paste this to your status. Then type their name in the comments and make sure you tag everyone knows he can think just as rigs given that the lucky party give me more steps in this process and I had asked again this kind of paced stats that make me wanna pull my thumb and your eyes got what balanced please drop. The night. Here's the next one. The random FaceBook friend posted was I important meeting this is your status and see how many comments you get. Desiree given yeah. Hole because while you may have been working meeting you won't worth following and FaceBook and again zero ass about you Steve the status or that such a narcissistic. Great I am in my February rises doesn't exude an app for my social media feeds are this is for mr. grandpa and my friends and and ram and a black and white filter picture of that unicorn frat between Andre. Does rigs given out and president hipster if you type your being ironic my post and a colorful drinks. For the black and white filter with a coffee shop in the background galaxy far T know what ticket again next time use the zero last filter is that so many F sank their. It's either yeah I mean. No I'm only got one unless I had one more. Briggs came across a status that while I'm talking about a third person by the accent if your sister has FaceBook said this on your status and she didn't. Comment within an hour she owes you twenty dollars. Include not allowed tags let's see if my sister will comment does rigs given that no. Anyway I know that Derek and neither does your sister in Dallas freaking out suggested by the secret dinner at a flight and someone denial and don't. Don't even know now. Little known as a mascot manatee Lamar. District and districts given up. Not ricks knows gender people following the faced a challenge hello. From all my friends research shows that out of a thousand people only fifty will respond let's see how many. This get. As we get. And I did your classic. Are reporting out no earthquake took both sever those are the worst against her only other facts there's is raising given us thank you plan alone we appreciate him and it shows venture. Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.