Discussing The Franklin High Bubbler With Jacob

Wednesday, January 24th

A huge news story broke recently about racist comments being posted at a water fountain at a local school. Those comments might still be there if it weren't for Jacob, a senior at the school who decided to speak up. Riggs & Alley were honored to have him on the air to chat!

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This is a an Alley rewind we gotta get this guy on the phone right now Jane arraf. Was so I said we gonna bring up what happened to Franklin high school mean Reagan added trending because this story just blew. My mind when I read this morning Seattle first off let me welcome to the show. My favorite person of the day if I had a Nobel Peace Prize and I Jake welcome to the shell. It takes Gigot week would you and we called you because you would've frequent high school and the reason I want to get you on the air with because. We saw this story today about how. Not somebody put a sign. Matt Franklin high school. Com old horror that drinking fountains and once at the color and once said. And that Jacob spotted it at school aha took a picture and went to the administration which is also I would say. Yeah. I. The professor Jacob didn't tell us like a white cap and did you the first what was spotted other people's CN and then worded to go from there so curious about this whole incident. I'm so I would I would collaborate in the middle of our fourth period. There were other people in the commons and there are other people kind of hanging around that area as well as anybody oaks so I'll be up to send anywhere. But I don't know how many people would have done anything about there is since June side. Just discussed and I know I had. Yeah yeah. So so it is I took the picture. A reported administration. And this is like this article is correct and acceptable. Yeah. Jacob and preach brother seriously. Here a public high school dean Frankel and and 28 GB eighteen and somebody thought it would I don't know did they think it would be funny to idol that was a Joker they were series with the white over one. Drinking Darden are double or whatever the hell you wanna call us. Then they put colored over another which is disgusting I. I don't make fun of December I don't know what the point wise but obviously Hewitt to the administration to eyesight on the news I was like oh my got to love this Chad yeah amazing like kids don't speak up enough. They don't say and after they don't you know this is why we have so many issues so I would be on the air Jacob appraise your first of also vowing today to people when you go to the administration after big Russian offer they like jump when actions. I've brought it to the the opposite detention and they did they didn't like what they need to do they checked over the security footage to make sure that you catch that. Yeah who went to police talked to can't wait you don't need to get into the jet is that's a side note bat you now. Yeah as soon as school wont release who can get it over. But what kind of car because they're receiving. Can you imagine if somebody in the people if you found out when an ignorant person would think that was funny but go ahead Jacob since I saw it. Yes good. I don't know I just really mad at this kind of thing happen and I hope that like other students you know totally. He lifts and let the lake is located ticket stand. So Max. Realizing that link. But it seemed are there are problems within our schools and. Not turning your head erases that yeah which a lot of people do now things are comfortable with that like I'm proud of you for going to administration a single wiser cite that as a white and colored on the two top this was funny some tips that now yeah. Good street area. I. Jacob how what are you. Do you know you wanna do when you grow up sea near Franklin did you figure that out. Hey. I hadn't given much thought I want it. I've been speaking of something along the lines of like low or it's. It's six. Jacobs president. Yeah you know to district obviously released a statement segmented doubtless and you know I'm sure they were just as horrified as we were bad. You know I'm not they took it down a doubt what the candidate you know so I'm not gonna thoughts they're all other people are saying well maybe there's some other things that you know Franklin or other communities to do like they don't even celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday anymore like we don't have a and awareness of cultures and history sometimes I remember my kids went to school on an allocated this year I went we always had a every year yeah. Because of that yeah yeah now. Yeah and I can machine public schools for the longest time before election interest and frankly just. Wow so Jacob does a pretty good high school and Sullivan sat sign over the two bottlers are water fountains and every one Colin. Once at white ones and teller and he went to the administration's gonna call you up and praise you to break the school today. It's. Got other we can't do right standing applause yeah plus don't tell. I think you take it you are a great American and am better person and I on behalf of your CD out your state battered country spanky yes and I'm going to be Rangel that put that sign up you can just move right out yeah I bought my. Don't talk feel that I did Jerry guy. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.