The Dirty Stallis Debate

Friday, January 12th

Is it time to stop calling West Allis "Dirty Stallis" or "The Dirty"?! Riggs thinks so. Alley disagrees. What do the people of West Allis have to say? Listen here to find out!


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life. We got a complaint on her face was yesterday an outrage drug isn't working what's in somebody's gonna and a leg on FaceBook we were looking for a place to go for wings right after. An Alley made economist says something about I want everybody there is Dallas right. And someone and send us a FaceBook messages sent out what gosh I can't believe I've listened for so long and am now done listening to your radio station because you called it dirty stout let me say one thing before it gets to that I think we've been seeing dirty down. Alice. I teen years are there shall Walter Dallas got a good people. They've been saying their sounds as well we were talking to people last night in west Dallas a college journeys Dallas what'd she say about Massa I. Have to complain here to guide me and my husband worked our butts off to do a fine job raising our children in the city you just called dirty staff. I have one child and arming the suit was born and raised in west Alice and one in second grade. I respected his radio station for years and laughed so hard in the morning. But after that comment on your FaceBook page you lost us ignorance and it was based on the discrete time involved Al Lee posted a comment on this page about us are doing things you know we love the dirty I think I love dirty and she got mad that I never listing and it should I try laughing about is that what I've been saying dirty south for literally years on the regular and she was a sink that long she obviously did let's now much and to do. Com and nobody ever set their work really successful people and Dallas drive with freaking Olympic training center at west Alex do you think. Don't know yet light enough to where. And I grew up in southern New Jersey and recall the dirty Jersey dirty. We bona puppy love calling it dirty your heart thought this you know what I people like. One other comment I'll leave it that's down when I say der reads Dallas when I think of the dirty Dallas I think when I say that dirty. That means no realistic re all yup the most Britain like you did say when I don't doubt that I now want to get people like me. Yup you read. Sense. Going to Miller Quan. Does a consumer put America on but not Stalin louima. Link says Lisa something dirty stuff I think it is to be done I think it's been done for so long I don't think we need to call a dirty anymore than thirty parks and he's in his later down. Parts of Mac honest and Iceland literal it's. People take it literally when it's your home in your place where you grew revenue calling people dirty all the time people are take offense to let people like kind of it yeah you don't have to call hardline dallas' problems. Problems apparently targeting just college Dallas he could just call it's Alice. Right you don't have to call center earning and find in many ways that on funds I don't I think is mainly considered a column dirty all the charity you're not why. Think they're filthy you know in the streets are dirty. Hey you got tied up personnel are saying they're dirty person is saying that I'm a dirty person because I guess you consider myself dirty dozen miles well. Don't get me that means we're all that means a rougher around the edges not filtered in any guess why we're successful. I'm still don't you tell dirty. And weird yeah cellular kids don't care where you raised me to keep do you doubles in the lead anyway. The thing you can listen to loud mouth Sally didn't call the securities down its. So you can text dirty December model 37 gorgeous texts Dallas to 71037. Whichever one you think we all okay all right bring people are starting to light up on shores and don't carry seven dirty if you wanna call it dirty east Dallas or just it's Dallas if you think we need to drop the dirty. And I think that once we drop the dirty television gear leagues you should do a sari style stores still hot hot hot hot hot. It's our alleys and declare the only result already. Actually got the first your text like these say keep it dirty cell yell I earlier talking about two attacks coleslaw. Two and two until two attitude. Usually do we went out last night in the hands out 1000 didn't carry either when we talk to them I talked to a woman later the said you know what I'm kind of damage that again I'm over the holder to Dallas oh my god 00 gee this you re keeping. Brigadier like you I want to stop its dirty. Earlier today that it had to say there is no lies no lie I mean on the contrary it is quite dirty very very you know they're a letter like I'm. All I need to say dirty said how. The going gets and honestly untrue until the human body whose numbers are all different phones and they keep some really good is. She. Why does that damage that warns unless we got once Allen. And nothing else whose desk showed up pretty. Is this propane which in and Shawna do you think we keep calling it dirty salas extremely drop to dirty is about time I was a dirty. RT I would wanna lay in bed without I think I went to high school went ahead. Gary you call it dirty ballot. Yeah you know I'm calling it earnings you're okay with only hurting. But. It's a little. Like I said it doesn't mean they are successful people is that neither are good ideas I feel very brash in a sense of how people dirty I. Literally leave things are gone he likes to worse dallas' severance is dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty Saro what do you think she leaked drop Guerrier. There's Dallas Sarah in my yeah. And Euro what do you think nobody thinks. Or. Not and I'm not Sarah okay that's sirens and. If I I Obama called actually read regular yeah you know. I don't like it that big thank you area like act while our very pathetic needy got her. Although lit the last ballot it is. Silly outfit or perhaps. I. I just got I don't walk out of color and I like it is I'd like actually our forum edit a parent I'd like good about that what I. I went out is tiger is not endure rat. I get it that you might very and I got all talk I want out of my god about well the bombs. And I think to say about Dallas and I think you're saying they're open minded and welcoming I think that's a pretty nice thing to say serious and he's. And you're saying we can't let your present and keeps underneath it says hello and ultimately cannot police do text I can please call. Okay it got over there aren't as there are literally hundreds of attacks at seven on a 37 there are three good taste Dallas OK and there are huh. Hundreds literally hundreds shade dirty OK there is what let's say shut up Briggs okay I'm. Who was let's hope that's what Delta's dirty Albert. Boards of race and Ali ever not cut you off. I'll never play never are my life thirty I mean brings this is just my life somebody's at its dirty Dallas I live your dirty and got there. I would like crap like why aren't you of west Alice is okay that was trying to be nice to not say I don't wanna call people thirtieth that was a renewed call people dirty and I had Rangers off relax really. Okay it's. C a filthy animal sorry for having standards being a national yeah. Solidarity I think cool Wichita. Guys dirty was the term of endearment I never pretty cool. She was really cool note and they're dirty and dirty here's the bottom of your car's early. We'll whereas Christina Aguilera change the definition of dirty Sunnis through and Nellie to Amy dirty a cool thing. Dirt leased out the term of endearment a cool thing and I'm on team and hurtled down the ninety's I'm talking about 2008 she's Alan I'll miss you I mean. Some guy threatened prophecy that works really doesn't yeah well I I don't know. Marcelo how does that yeah called the dirty south we can't say that remark he can't Rebecca who lives in Dallas should we drop the dirty are just. What do you think. I think there are definitely traffic crowds and you have Clinton couldn't tell you what they are. Armed I think are very common problem people that. What talent and apparent. Kind of expand it outside and a pretty rare but suffered area. It so. He's embarrassed that he swung to nearly from a security because you are trying to narrow. We're protecting that area my arms. I get that what else are we popped. Let's hope all the time it's not like I don't ever go there I love what al-Qaeda central to meet like unit here is it would change by solar stone. OK Rebecca thanks for Colin I let his democratic and economic team now thank you mean I mean after the dirt and what about Oshkosh slosh across the top. Hey we're definitely call it really yeah he's appropriate text reads this stuff up because he lives in Franklin. Yeah. I'll think of going wow I had a couple things began to no matter how these people there or why I. Wow I'm fine blindly call you my girl but I. Think that would make you liberal I don't know Tracy conservative society and call it dirty hide how well keep calling it the dirty styles and I guess I am wrong on so that will stand corrected as is trying to be used in a person dirty salads they released. Take your man parts out your purse. Yeah. This time it's dirty it's not referring to the people being lit legitimately dirty if we do we say repeatedly. Oh yeah all right tighter now than you you're welcome mark cells you can try to find a nice good for you got out of trouble. If I'm comfortable calling itself dirty I'm OK with that but I am. Having nine turns out I get stopped. On site with the momentum and popularity with their story but the 500 didn't. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.