Dad Joke Showdown - So Much Hilarity

Friday, August 18th

It was a pretty great Dad Joke Showdown today. With Alley being out sick (#SadFace), we invited listeners to call in and share their best Dad Jokes. So darn funny, y'all.


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And Ellie relies. Casey mr. the first time dad Joseph showed down. Magic coach and parents turned into a Friday traditions don't wanna get people liked it so they were calling them and I hate to have Joseph should I should do them more often so we will look. This this week we would like to involve youth since Allen Alley Gertrude faith is not here she's sick she's taken ill. You all are welcome to call with your stupid. Ridiculous dad joke. And try to make one of us last 7990 yeah. 1037. I feel that the game between given tonight's going to be very short lived Gibbons I think I got to focus hearings you do this you're pretty easy to laugh on the bad jokes it's true all right so first on the last loses tonight your first. Yet already had been a 799137. Year terrible aimed at joke thorough and ask right now would love to hear it there ready for the dad junction I'm gonna go ahead. No rings you had ass and sushi for breakfast and did very audibly sushi. Because it's a little fishy. Nothing so now aren't you glad you brought up seated zealot to a seafood Disco last week or did you get pulled a muscle. And muscle. Now it must elect a clarinet I did a lot of money rigs all right how much does it hits your way. How much does it hit two really good and it's an cram. Hill street right now than regular how can you tell an answer is a girl or boy you know how to do that move there'll girls because if they were boys to be uncles all. On that was. That was close close that was close close in America and what it one snowman says to the other was that do you smell a carrot. Does this character knows the right on the nose terror raids organs allowed. Bobby which your dad joke credentials showdown. Where did it Nicole Nikki could army. Pauline keep us army's elite beer. Let's. It is only be here. In his car. Is armies in this is leaving a sinking joke that was really close in. I'm laughing really hard in the I'm holding back laughter you close your smile like a most you are I'm really close eleven and Ellen that's funny obviously mistakes and good morning nick which are bad bad jokes for the dead joke showdown. Are illegal then why did the mushroom governor apart. When the mushroom go to the parties got an app. Because you're born guy. Oh wait why didn't leave early. On this the second part did you apply that part could you were a mushroom. A guy given. Its project in Brazil and all show up. And mushroomed. Oh well on that next to take your call and there that are put up a really isn't fungus just got a chance and then the fun gizmos your jokes that isn't a good morning kiss FM. And that's bad dad Jeff for the now in his left knee and then you should only gotten patents not. Bella. Are against you had badly would you name Madison your bad debt jumped. Okay I'm a white eagle try over the. And because then they'd be bagels. There. Are. Have no knowledge cult are somewhat less than sorry. I think that was on my. By proxy rigs I'd probably have to lose you can't steal somebody's joke there punch line I think she's the winner I UN I think she's the winner doing congratulations. It's that you and no we won't let her win she wanted to areas where does use cheating agrees there Madison. You know what pulled out a segregating in the house than a teacher Phyllis and a path. Just yet did you sound cool. I. Yeah I thought I covered clintons yet they cast into our enemy to. Need a medicine and health Letitia thank you Matt and his uncle and she's humble but at a Connecticut comes to people dead jokes era in which your dad dad Joseph for the dead joke showdown. She come up top screws them last one dad dad Joseph showdown when he got force pool. Just as I was on an up. They how can you tell us standards is good news and announce. If it's taken medicine. Made up. I'm happy. Another stinker John Goodman. You know once I particular things are gonna let's Baghdad just a didian next Friday same times when it's point seven kiss FM. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.