Dad Joke Showdown Part Deux

Friday, August 11th

Having a single Dad Joke Showdown just wasn't enough, so Riggs & Alley had to bring it back! Enjoy Part Deux!!!


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And Rick and only rely. Did you mr. the first time that joke joke and no. And Sheridan. Absolute worst gadgets get possibly find in the point and again. Not blasted each other's terrible terrible that I love that dad joke showdowns with. It's one of three point seven kiss FM drinks now are you less than ten minutes away from a thousand dollars by the way she 1000 dollars you're its right place our. So the dad Joseph showdown all right so go the game is to make each other Latin right. Who was to be in charge of the buzz about away Rachel my sister asked Alan buzzer you can come around you around teacher I didn't hit teacher readies the buzzer I Rachel please come over here O'Shea with a buzzer is rigged the sisters are here today terrorism visiting from Saint Louis Busch is done right here for the buzzer. Sure you gotta get out girlfriends or is it your weekend if you see one of us laugh. Push that buzzer and events who's gonna go first Greg's guitarist so if we lack for out yes the patent all right I'm here your first. I never wanted to believe that my dad was stealing from his job as a road work you're but when I get home all the signs were there. No nothing putt and I can only say one's time we're safe. Givens don't object you just shoot or make him round bales of hate illegal in Wisconsin. It's as the California in the square deal. Square meal. Square meal square you the rest yeah you're really really every area. That means W laughter yourself on how I just had Allen carried regular rumor going around about the butter no nevermind mission spread it. He's trying not to laugh he should that is its right now to allow that was the that was sort of no matter spotting the other day was stranded by a president rests on midget climbing on the Wald who escaped. When he raced about it he sneered at me and I thought. That's a little contest yeah. Given that. So how. Oh yeah. So now and I. The other day I was driving by a prison in S on midget climbing on the wall to escape when he reached a bottom he sneered at me and I thought well that's a little condescending huh. Get indignant look yes I I here's my. Raise your out given the dad joke I showed any can't laugh for your out I got an outrage your marriage of our construction yeah man still working armored. Talley what did realize he's got a sad joke showdown Galley legs Sally why can't you knows B twelve inches long mine is an NB a foot. It's good spoke of your funny and sometimes I think this is the one Gibbons and I'm gonna mail Riggs rest Millen Diageo showed how do you guys what concert costs only 45 cents. Sixty center featuring nickel back home. Yeah featured a story by. Nickel back isn't funny I never I tailback Joseph what do you do. I liked what you were made some mighty Whitey mermaids where seashells. Why because these shells are too small indeed shells are too big. Nothing now from Tarik I'm on again a gadget churn out what do you call it K big to buy a hooker. And I don't marry cook all the a couple of of the bridges stone face and eyes he's trying to block we have got your company hipster Bernard tongue. How she hitters cheaters suit before it was cool. What I was so mad. Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon man great studio atmosphere. But. It myself I laughed yeah. Town strap that. Should you let your own Joseph no it doesn't count you guys counter and you can't. Yes I didn't really initially I'll tell you keep going popular respected new did you hear about the bicycle the couldn't stand up by itself. Now it was too tired. But who's dull. It's too tired now and I got it to retire. You're not in this is going to be a really long bad junction dad as. What prisoners used to call each other. Himself tons yes correct. Men and each other's jokes. What do you know degenerate DO. I don't know what to nosy peppers CO they get a hell of being a business. No let me ask tomorrow I'm Amex. Why did the copy go to the police didn't announce it got mugged. And this is what you have come and ask. How about what's force comes email password. One in Florida is why and I thought that. So not funny. Somebody says that ended dinner ten. Got it out. I mean air hesitant to pick up. I haven't this one it's hard to explain puns to Clinton maniacs because they're always taking things literally. Did you heard that kidnapping its dual. No he woke up the kidnapping and look at the but the finger joke and other thinkers joke. Imagine the condescending Joseph as best I think that was my god yes it's called Larry at your own joke what's the best of what you. I want every one I think who blasted their own jokes for the top let's just say the low were both terrible and bad jokes. It would never gonna win because you and are awesome let them. I know I. How does Darth Vader like as toast. Tomorrow just like on his arms are sent the week you know intelligently on the Star Wars we can be at 6 o'clock at queen's I laughed man. How landed right typically don't turns you have you have Iran. Sheila discussing if she wins the Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss a Dem dot com.