Dad Joke Friday - Who Takes The Crown?!?!

Friday, April 20th

Who do YOU think won this edition of Dad Joke Friday?! SPOILER ALERT: It wasn't Gibbons.


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line in this one of three point seven kiss FM but it balances solid ball. I'm tradition on Friday's. Federal hate. Masses. That's jokes they're bad jokes if you laugh few loose and there's a new twist you guys what's it's west while it is not in the studio I will tell you the new twist on that just trying to enter. For this there will now be a trophy for the winner of dad Joseph Friday a true winner of dad Joseph Friday. Hit an 83 foot tall that man statue you want it is a statue of that man and a body that will last night I forgot the film and I'll bring it in on Monday narrowness Harry and they Batman statute possesses powers Webber wins and today keeps it all next week so. They can use it during the showed to end any Natalee wanted does that man holds the superpowers. Argument we have on the Hillary can't you will be right battling next week Sarah. Right eye exam and statue is on the line for dad Joseph Friday you last few clues who wants to the first title tonight let's begin his gophers are they always loses anyways I. The guys here fresh go ahead of. Newspaper yesterday you're right and I saw an added Syria radio for sale now one dollar. Volume stuck on full I thought to myself I can't turn that down. Volume start yelling out we can't I can't lie again and they feel bad and I think you don't get it need do you bring your. And them trying to sell the most awkward part I putted it went from up at our listener let out you know your is broken my buddies broken. Ever crack addict my considering your own lines downed lines. Things Bridget who aren't so dialogue into a bar with jumble jumper cables around his neck right in the dark pants all right don't start anything. Jumper cables start again I got baggage he ever. I'm sure. They give it. And be funny here. While sometimes I think get to explain just to get us. And it didn't go ahead you guys are just got a second job it's again it's great jobs hoping a one armed type pissed when she wants to do capital letters. It's only a shift job though. Caps on joke yeah. Ellen yeah button lies here Allie glad I got hit in the head with a candidate go to a guy you do don't worry I'm not heard it was a soft drinks. And when I have jokes. Thank you in turn short staffed for. Are you guys I finished a cousin yesterday and five minutes five minutes. Is awesome because the box and two to three years. And the kids doesn't. Thank you they're gonna. But it's CT. The kids puzzled yet it's thanks. Regulars did not sure about the guy who lost his left arm heal us has left army and a dead or he's all right now. And I'll do I enjoyed making courthouse produce. Do you. All shaky all yet to hit left adjourned Joseph galli careful laughter. Turn it publicity mr. act and I got over Erik your robot. Let's and I aged now laughs who probably laughing at them all right whose okay is okay. Tonight eleven right and then let's. You left you lose left. Well but they didn't look like you're right dad liked yeah. You don't know that you are does that give away the smackdown later. He had hey did you guys hear about the psychic dwarf who guidance escape from prison no. The psyche dwarf escape from prison he's considered a small medium and hard. I I. Does that yeah I didn't use VMware and happy and proud of me. Had a talent I am proud of you thanks to you what it's like this are trivial during the short persons who is a small media that they. Thank gazans and large he was a criminal that was wanted to go ahead dad Joseph Friday just Alley and I can get him and that's how I. Can't get a truck into a bar orders a dear departed and says sorry we don't serve food here. I. And oh yeah holds a political hacks are now I wish I could do now in Atlanta and butter it's about a laxative that that pharmacy yesterday was really expensive. It gave me a good run for my money should think it's. I don't like to Joseph. Those laughed at a down almost. One demanding his Doug's Rolex NYNEX. Didn't start. Off. I. Why didn't let him do you saw me go over well. Why did a taxi driver quit his job why because people are always talking behind his back yeah. An engine back. Rove all day now but I'm gonna win it back and enjoy I want you to Wear and I'll say I'm Jan would. I want dad Joseph Friday. Enrollment now I think more relaxed. Girls but nobody today and how Ingram. A lot of my Lander gain ground please god please get me cry. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.