Dad Joke Friday - Two For One

Friday, August 17th

It was an HISTORIC Dad Joke Friday. What does "Two For One" mean?! What went down?! Listen here for all the details!

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She missed it the first time. And Allie every line right now knows and pretty yes it is time for the Friday tradition. That is called. Nobody. They're dead just a bad jokes if you laugh if you lose you're out in the spring works so last. It was an idea of the current standing champion has. He didn't win now a couple weeks that we didn't play last week we were looking meetings and CI. Apologize for not being your last Friday yes we apologize we were learning enemy we were learning how to entertain you better. I don't cost and it really did it to him tomorrow night you're talking about the right how hot couple in May of course and them funny slow here. It's getting a first look at how the first image you know what let me go for a ID whatever you are the defending champ car ranks of the rhetoric or you. Elizabeth to get does that now give it value Greg I'll get a perfect pretty no look I backcourt all men are okay. What do you call a modest insects. And know what you call modest and sent a humble me. And she's high current employees why there are no gambling at Brazil. And now reminds one not because they're Germany she. And this. Know. Do an Alley looks a UN shifts her eyes with amount I played OK Serb radio I'm quite happy. Always pay a white haired round why does the Danish navy have bar codes on the side of their ships. Why does the I don't home so when they docs taken Scandinavian. I hate to think about it regionals are the regional sales yeah huge outlined. I just thank you Thomas from FaceBook for this one what do you call a priest who became a lawyer. An amount of father in ball. Margarita batter Matt most there challenge. Our bread on face looks at me this line what do the drummer called his twin girls I don't know I don't want. To. I see Ana wind I can't guarantee you I can't look at it and I say yeah you screw you I'm. Allowed to Jerry Rice and Jeff I thought that what might get a better view and I drums the little guy and I'm. This one's from Stacey on snap chat why don't white and cows have whose instead of feet. Wide in pattern now have because they lack tell us. I'm toast I'm just not. Arianna in here on. Staging of the exhaust a lot of game today we didn't did you guys hear that I Steve Harvey and his wife suddenly huge fight no it was a big old family feud. I saw that coming in my in my car. No because I love Taylor huh. Jeremy Cummings out to the jets he Stanley still love you guys there's I'm with you I am happy. I and they can't face that thank you for this one's got to mail families walking down the road baby tomato sauls behind it. Daddy tomato goes back smacks them on ahead and says. Catch up. A condiment joked Gibbons did I tomatoes. Felt no current one. Now aren't as well that came from my life told latest stop impersonating a flamingo that's an had to put my foot down. Coming just when I get it Gary took me a second I get did you guys hear about the superhero with a list who is not always working now. No I didn't he's very sore. Superhero joke I'm boss last. A really had to Acadia face looks at what was a farmer sat and one I was a farmer does moody he or she. A hard time how I want you guys how do you wake up tidy wake up Lady Gaga. How do you make of Lady Gaga you poker face I. Nobody else I don't. However Jim Arsenault laughing our Lady Gaga I love you aren't dead Joseph Friday. Where is the most crowded places to go to the bathroom. The most current place to go to the bathroom is where. A little giant. True T time change. I don't give a shot awaiting your. And no one is lab tech guard right agreement it made me laugh for some reason yeah around what is the most crude please go to the bathroom to. Lol yeah. Oh that's when I was. Just out. This crowds I'm embarrassed that once known to champ. Is sheer dad jailed Friday. Bad job Friday. And I went in because if you miss it got delivered to given out by the police are back. Right right yeah we don't know why it. Accidentally shot duck given stranded 2 AM I have tried a little bit later available and I get here are you working if I got a website later you camera 177. Congratulations given stick your head man trophies you can would you want to you that's another victory for you for dead jokes front once again screw you dad is not going to be a tell you all my life pop. All. The it was not therapy session was yeah that jumped right there. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.