Dad Joke Friday - The Technical Loss

Friday, January 12th

Alley slipped up, yo! She forgot the biggest rule of Dad Joke Friday this week! You know the rules!!!! Enjoy!


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An Alley realize. In case you missed it the first time. Yes yes it's a favorite time of the week no nagging give a crap about Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Really couldn't do what we element forward you can't really judge outcry. Jokes. Do you laugh feel. It's my glass and ash. OK I don't. Yeah. Might jam price premium it's William Roth who did a Good Friday there ways that are series your funny sometimes. But the point is that. Used to not be funny squeezing gadgets is a bad joke so Atlanta. You lose you lose our eyes RIT every I jealousy can always a minimum 71037. Antennae for Facebook's Williams and Aaron over in sealing first I can go first I want to go first Frankel who are certain all right. Powell bouts. Did you guys know that about some issues that a lot of data from a drug dealer I don't know what he laced some ways but have been tripping all day. Drug dealing drug references uncle. It now now and not cool or funny rigs hugs not drugs parent and I'm Schneider next siren get and that's just trying to you guys don't close Malone I didn't. Or operate Newton what are you know home alone a deal it's Christmas movie star Macaulay Culkin. No the no Alley would get. I might Nomar and asked is the bartender here. You see we went with Alan. And yeah. You love. You as well he's a lot of territory forgot he was also I'd be down and gently and second I don't try to think. I just try yeah. Out the lead reaction to. Parent. Think Alex yes rigs. People tell me and the heart of a lion you know what else I have is why the light attendance from the Milwaukee county's ill. Hot orange it's it's it's it's just that the did you meet Alan up and it and it changed and I got a from somebody's. They have rigs now why did the invisible man turn down a job offer I don't know what he means is lamenting now a job off you could see himself doing it. Gibbons laughter and I know I knew that when they bullets go is that right Sallyann you like a good religion jokes aren't you and god said to John. Come forth and you shall be granted eternal lives but John came incessant won a toaster. And I. I'm Jim O'Brien okay. Jennifer I entered. You watch the Jesus Joseph shear or the dollar got a little. So yeah we were sure we have phrases like earlier this area and dad Joseph Friday aren't there. So why aren't ready or not we've given that I can't what happened park in west Dallas yeah yes. We were going to come to the eightieth to Greenfield yeah he's got a closer spot given that I don't work weighed on the site mustering up now as I did out of my car did baby Jesus displays how. Yeah. Just don't I don't I'll have Pat O'Brien Ed. I was taught as a win for me though. Thank you thank you Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.