Dad Joke Friday - Quickest Ever

Friday, October 27th

Dad Joke Friday happens each and every Friday and this week's edition was....well...brief and record-setting.


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Rigs and now they re wind right now it's time for our Friday tradition and this guy that Joseph Frye. Joked Friday. Few laughs you lose especially in the game works aren't. Asking him and I love the listeners said McIntyre has the matter. I haven't got any promises they must play and forget it like give it give it till rig collapsed this finality and I Ukraine and kind of person doing. I let go we ask we lose our experience this is from their thank you mother for sadness and a decent to me. What do you call kids born and a whore house. And a brothel sprouts. Hook up up up up. Bad joke I'm. I don't know dried and good. Let's get her or hate him and I'm sure is pretty the. Oh I was going to be fast lane you gotta go on a hot head and David Kelly and that was a record I don't. You need to get to go to your birthday stuff can do it and the well now. Briggs night after it. Yeah today. Right Alley what seventy here is the best singer. I've now been down. What I was guys. Have you got it OK okay Erica said this economy. A Mexican magician tells the audience you'll disappear on the count of three he says Bhutto Joseph. He disappeared without a Trace it. We knew when I got married yet suspend. I yanish jokes but look let's. What do you call on anti drug cheese whiz. She's was. Pop pop pop I got Jim Hardy in the grass. Instead Joseph Friday. Laboratory even the way. I had some good ones lined up I was ready to go to Puerto beach yeah. Record us. Mary ambition version of Diageo hi I. Wanted to set them. And LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.