Dad Joke Friday - Marathon Sesh

Friday, February 16th

Dad Jokes, Bad Jokes.  You laugh - you lose.  This one went on for a LOOOOONG time.  


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Right now it's time for. We're at it as bad jokes that bad jokes if you laughed and you lose that's the way the game works. Still in an audience in here and helplessly laughing. Much not a lot of laughs though girls and inaccurate Darryl skinny Italian at people and we've actually got in late short stack got intern Sherlock Helmsley. She's always on the case. Sure sure that's just a really short and his wife Ellie is short second short change she ordered hash browns and didn't get them in a drive to order him home she a short change serial serial discouraged or. And your defense Donald Schroeder Dunkin' Donuts and we have our little food except for her and it sure looked in particular order in this current. Cicero it is as you. Don't go laughter not a lot of laughs if you left you this remember. Dude I got she could bring your regs tied him to go first so all right then Alley estimated ten jokes to a joke writing competition and her. You just to see if any any of will make the finals are sadly no pun intended. No pun intend. No pun intended to sooners and they didn't work but I think he's inserted now what. Everybody call the security guards outside of Samsung. Would you call security guards outside Samsung the guardian of the XC after I do like Atlanta's Joseph and I don't think stylist. Cancer insurance can't judge Sherlock Holmes hey Allan what you call two monkeys that Sharon Amazon account. Current prime mates. It could be christened its good amount what's next are going to show. Your pets and for Najaf trying to I cut my finger chopping cheese rigs but I think I may have a greater problem. It was announced and joke and as I fabulous and it spokesman. Sank into it and Doug in the park because the ducks keep trying to bite him. Is this what I get for buying a purebred dog. The cash your. Purebred dog taxi bread. Residents today okay creates a loan was for a long long. Yeah what are sprint Jersey before racing announced nothing big fast. You know Valium and difference of 25 letters of the alphabet but I don't know why. This is 26 letters in the alphabet that an alliance can bet basics I guess I have that maybe if I explain you. You people that it happens if we don't have the slate it like it and you gotta be laughing like don't we got and we're not laughing. Dads are trying to keep you don't know this when he sits on his amount about her shirt that says they probably did last time here is this a thinker she. She came rigs yes Alec. You're the one about the three holes in the ground filled with water now. Well well. Well. Tell rigs. Telephony and what are your laughter please god I told my friend not to get to a sad and about turning thirty till. To enter birthday party was going to be so short she does what it's gonna be so short and I go it's your 32 birthday. 32 birthday until until the sham it's got some good. Plus yeah. Not just hey good artists like they rigged the game already dead batteries away today free of charge. Now but I'll involved. What do you call a reluctant potato. I hesitated. Potatoes. They can come and pay raise people are making apocalypse how hot go lips jokes like there's no tomorrow well no. And Timmy Flynn and into the world why and announce you know get an all you'll be dead. Nineteen and Tony got into a site. 21. Now about another number John clay got I just to make what. Yeah all wouldn't wanna do what he was hungry. Flat 28. Heard. It and it went terrible today. I'll stop you acknowledged that his dad just 7137. And there are incentives Nelson is bad jokes is the point of potential Friday said it's good just. I was in Iraq and we left too much.