Dad Joke Friday - Jokes on Jokes on Jokes

Friday, February 23rd

Was there an upset on Dad Joke Friday today?! Did Gibbons FINALLY win?! Oh man!!! History!!!!!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie reliance right now and I don't like Monday when your does gave at all since. That's the best day of the week is. Jokes you laughed you lose snacks. Tell you. All three of its verdict gathered for that to spend money all while throwing a long time now itself 03 investment it did you trek game. And every one that I wrote myself. Oh cool gadgets that I crashed and I went a lot to rags T heard anything that Jo Tran a whole hell yeah. Did you hear about the apocalypse movie that takes place in the olive garden you guys know it's called Armageddon. And now to cheesy Jim grant. I'm at right outside your semi your favorite things off guard on a cheese Wisconsin now closed now. Was crafted by our legs I can't Evanston. Go ahead Allen Weiner did you say to the heart. What did this agents are you blow me away. No not here Abu Japan now ready and mentally sound good to antennas not on a roof fell in love and got married him. The ceremony was a much but the reception was excellent. Net move to for the important. Hey guys what's the difference between a weird rabbit. And us forty rabbit I don't know what's their share we your rabbit and a sporty rabbit one's a bit funny and the others a fit bunny. Remind one's a bit slotting the we'd rather than the other is a state money. Does that did that nobody on it's a Graham right hash tags at Bonnie had sex at Sam yeah. Don't you I was proved. Crowds that will count Clinton I don't know that you proudly show our O'Malley is not a color. I'll while instead. I'm going to have all heard mr. Graham posed the three of us this and I sent it. Army coast pushed hard race what do you call and ask him what his attitude. An acid and acid with a and it's an attitude what you call an acid with an attitude amino acid. And as bad given given what's the difference between a snowman and it's no woman. A number he's what is the difference between the snowman and the brain. Plus I snowballs. But I also love Sus signed up get our our joke Friday. Bad joke right. Having it come on what do you call a man who spent all summer at the beach what do you call mamet spends all summer at the beach but tangent to tangent. In them. Not demons and you like to Kardashians. What are the Kardashians go back to the crack pass what did expressions are back to the crack house because. Laura Odom. Could yeah. Odom I usually didn't quite believe they would back the crowd does begin tomorrow. What they are nationally Genoa Lamar Odom. I missed connections on my charges only the health. I don't care law Lamar Odom you vote them that was about. Kiss FM and rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.