Dad Joke Friday - It FINALLY Happened

Friday, June 15th

HISTORY was made during Dad Joke Friday! Something amazing finally happened! Listen to find out what it was!!!

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She missed it the first time. And Ellie reliance on a three point seven kiss FM trees and Alec. Let me go man mind. Why has your mind I don't you're gonna say three it's Friday. This time for the tradition not one of. The bad jokes bad jokes if you laugh one only news about when you're yelling you're getting a after the hour. Oh. Yeah oh. Imagine for a how this works Alley has the trophies yeah. Yeah so I'm. I'm excited to go first I'm doesn't seem okay for sure know how remember you not a lot alas even add your own jokes in apparently because of last week a simple. Counts as a laugh it dies you have to sort of sound will count as a laugh. Referees dismantling no for real but you know I see right to your air re examine how I got a great graphics don't read the graphic. You cannot make a rules every week Alley I didn't make it any rules I was follow your rules rigs tired joke now and community Q down disdain. Like I like let's get. A solitary Jack Norman and all holding an. Sensors. Jim how are carried out or I'll hold on to tell us. A. Jeffrey can a guy I just diagnosis color blind you guys I know it really came out of the purple. Raft I. Barely sniffed in her. I love this later Janet. Then obviously well. David's got an Arnold Briggs got it yeah yeah I was listening don't and it is due to come out of the blue digital color things so it's due under the purple. Yet here I. Now that's. A moderate on rigs here yeah. Okay it's. Mama works OK governor Bob buzzing renowned digest. He has nobody had fired from a job of the bank. Now is just a moment came in asked me to check or balance and a pusher owner. That's. Jacked up what she would diminish her balance she was fine she didn't follow her charity Gibbons dial. What kind of bread base in the bathroom. What kind of predicts in the bathroom shower gel. Shower no it said it soured again. Yeah that was funny and Alex Jeff item why can't pressure quit his job. One because it was so depressing. So depressing. Mean what's it called in a short person weighs a physical mature person leaves you Briggs a microwave. Microwaves all. I'm not shorts and that's not funny. No it's not it's not how I Greek Catholics on a short people you know why. I agree with you it's not it here's the problem which and so many of these I don't even know what we haven't haven't done anymore what does. A nosy peppered do and announced but isn't nosy pepper to get Tolle and you'll business. Am now how paying no jokes now each of Sarah German sausage there that worst. And now known known now. Knows what's your ringer today we are what's yellow and green in eats nuts when 200 needs knots gonorrhea. All. Eyes were at. Both what does a joke you become a dead joke. My wind is a joke to come in dead joke when it becomes apparent. I heard that. It's. Terrible and I now am giving my Shimmy away for free eaten it says on the house. History townhouse he's simply not funny now. We're gonna to bring judges I seriously does Lisa so that's it man I mean nobody likes just do we need what I feel like our car should start keeps calling me guys always want it was a one night stand. A one night stand and it is I got it oh I got it why they don't sure all berries like grapes. One on strawberries like creeps because they always lying. Come our graves in there Isa. Become more NF tonight on July 6 was afraid to seven. Skip me. And then I thought it was EU and give you. Maybe you give us you know OUT was wiped out rigs twice a 100% you get me twice demons to chew twice now he did I. And he can't get me used to be you'd take your turn after give or he's just given you. Know. Find you know what's coming out and he bought it out. Cloudy here we. They're going to be going and now up my mind you know Bryant they. Match up Friday. When my son. You're old I'm I don't know I guess what I'm. Constant and got a little I don't know I don't wanna skip future turn out what we've had a whole thing and you can be room. Yeah he'll jog like soccer because I enjoy the sport and he's doing it for kicks. I'm on a good mix not Andre gets. Bring it what do you call a canine in a blizzard. But I had chili dog. Philly guy. Finally well yeah okay. Okay. Right now out. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.