Dad Joke Friday - A Historic First

Friday, November 17th

History was made during DAD JOKE FRIDAY! For once, Gibbons wasn't the first person to laugh! Who laughed?! What joke made them laugh?! Listen here to find out!!!!


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He missed it the first time. An Alley real lines one of three point seven Jesus imagery and Alec it's slowly become the most popular portion of our program every Friday. You reading. Right. Thought you ready I'm ready giving dreading I was born ready to go it's time for. Sad joke. Jokes lift from molecular. You left you lose it's how works are. Given this terrible this game I don't think he's one ever how ever today today in a month and Daniel and Agile Friday and you you pulled out when she. Yeah what did you go first with your dad joke who isn't Matthew list and whose competitive eaters favorite character who's that Chu Baraka. And competitive eater to pocket can't you guys. I thought about that a burp yes I hate when people ask where icy mess up some three years now like I am 20/20 vision. More eggs. I was moving her what is your fingers but what do you trashy music fix holes. And state. He laughed. Lefty. Like you say I left we don't 400%. In the hunter are right and say hey you know. How are you guys rigs you're out. Too this is history making I don't races ever been out bad guys you never know in the first one out and announced all right how are right Alison look. GM does. Dad just what he is a this guy you know people really don't like having to bend over to get drinks we should really raise the bar. Nothing now and I am I what is JD called for before they got married but fiance. That's good are you what bridge. Oh yeah I lost some bitter you're all very still thinking about that I don't think I lost. Of all the things I've never done I'd never been the gun range I really wanna give it a shot though. But alas that is to make you left. The message here in the woods you would of the external. It did rigs out how much portrait or crowded bar at each the first lady's C sits down on the barge still assessing the bartender clearer. Arsenic urgent he says we don't serve customers are drugs. That she brought this. Bartender says what do bark what about barbecuing. And. What about that Barbie issue. You love to let that aren't you go into the I've been on our. Had you look at a real long walk though they may make them pay off. Yeah. The first time she said no but then she looked at him the Barbeque. I don't know just I. I have. I'm only ends I don't get a garbage UEFA. I got into it sounded artist artists to barbecue it's they get a badge of Friday the dad jokingly that 71037. Little we've had to. Friday line Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.