Dad Joke Friday - Diarrhea Gets Em Every Time

Friday, November 3rd

You laugh - you lose.  That's how Dad Joke Friday works.  Every Friday at 7:30am!


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It's time for our Friday tradition. Sad joke Friday. I've joked Friday. They're bad jokes you're not allowed to laughed you laughed you loosen the winter games works all right are we if I bring out that only a dot com slash kiss Milwaukee this morning side Nicky is on the phone hi Nicky Dario is. You want to play do you have some gadgets to throw assi days when a plane along. Our will hold on second and we also have tell pony on the phone as well Tony how you feel this morning. We need helpers this morning as we don't have anybody else who was in the studio and of givens a letter in our interns or anybody says Tony are you there Tony. She was just better and Tony are and I discussed Nicki yeah great it's us and you girlfriend you left you. Do you the first few or no go ahead. I try today. Bad joke Friday. I Nicky you will let you go first or go right ahead. Ideal mate and not put flattened. An octopus last do you make an octopus wrapped and I now. Ten tackles well that was a great joke its you did not make us last time but this you guys yes what you call a fish with no line. Why should. It is there's no I you know she's sorry I didn't do anything for you did the Nikki. Now I need not I had like a joke just latter is a sign jagr credit here's my joke. I went to a wedding the other day it was so beautiful even they take was in tears. Not. 08. Well let's go out Taylor Allah I went to a wedding was two in tennis they got married. The wedding wasn't anything but the reception was good. I. Gov Friday. Bad job Friday. If you take your plan you keep going to hear. And I am I love playing with other people aren't I going to be not a gadget Freddie hit rate did you hear the dire reacting is the and he got ill with diarrhea I. It was diary of a boy I love to. Hear Rhee and her red interior front vineyards yeah I'm not a that's a good job dad Joseph Friday crude. Good Friday and play our audience the way you played your audience is due to set did not present at night every night and out of whatever truck at did you. Glad I didn't get to the end I think diary got ahead and I'm sorry that it would success.