Dad Joke Friday - The Big 3 Are BACK!!

Friday, July 13th

For the first time in what feels like forever Riggs, Alley and Gibbons were all together for the tradition of DAD JOKE FRIDAY!!

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Rigs and Ellie rewind McDonald's this realism and get a credential Friday and years and I experience years sell quite us. Bring a team back together per. Smoky trail. But the lion. Jokes they're bad jokes if you laugh you lose those are the rules this week. We change them up last week I. Do we had my guest referees on and passed. They've given to salty about his loss last week it was PSA are taken out whenever. I don't wish he'd have you noticed. Shout when were telling the jokes that go wow. That's your tactic. How do you do you hunt that you read don't listen my jokes they need to go over your head dude. I'll just tell your young I had jobs are little. LA you're not Smart enough to get my jokes Alley high rates and that's why you know what I had to like yeah it's laid out that it is so terrible about Greg I love you come back. You to know you're down comes through your request Eveready brand clothing interface over the rim today say you know more than I ever how. My dad don't you. I felt like given the presidency lossless they can he I use I don't you've got. All golf program don't. I was still in first gun count you chickens and motivate their kids I don't know how do you chickens motivate their kids today and you'll mind that. And I don't mind it was funny he's a poultry joked yeah I would say Friday. Okay. Let's close those closed at the most minutes Larry had originally when the talent show and the Turkey with a talent show with his drums sticks. Her. Oh good aren't what you call having your grandma and speed dial. Do you call your Ramallah speed dial in Seagram. I get there that was to go down I get it. Did did you hear about the rumor involving peanut butter and jelly what's that and I did not spread. Take the modern jokes. Our eye disorder comes from one of our coworkers he secretly emailed it to me wounding humanity. Right what are you sure person who waited CEO. And now cultural person microwaves. Am. We call someone who gets mad when they don't have any bread. Like toast in town I was particularly angry lactose intolerant. Black holes lactose intolerant they don't have bread man that was that I did I was into format friend and yeah what did wonders firecracker Saito the other I don't know they mailed what's. Fourth of July was just hang Kamal. I'm prior record June so what's an avocados favorite music what is not a tennis every music block and our whole. Almost left of that just that was kind of good. The Mexican magician tells the audience is gonna disappear on the count of three that he says would know. Dose and proof he disappeared without a Trace. Spanish chuck. Spanish people laughed. A friend of mine detection friend of mine got some vinegar Nazir. And how he suffers from tickled hearing. Madden. Now it's my credit music teacher lever keys boarded the music digitally for keys of the piano. Could hook up. Yeah yeah I've got there in particular and I don't rather than. The key third hour no good sort of got my music teacher in six greatness is rabbit who lost her keys and did get Joseph should she. Huge I better give her yeah I'll come off. Well look I'm not I don't know how. This is trying to protect main meal have given us out and joked Friday. You and I don't know inserted an O. I went through your turn our future what do what do raindrops in the other. I don't know what do wondering drips and the other two's company three's a cloud. What is isn't and go to the doctor. Why did they ever go to the doctor there wasn't feeling well. Her and no I think south and it out what does it do before it rains candy. What does it do for rains can't. Three goals. I thought yeah. He may just laughs gonna make you Irish I don't know why would give it a black. Why you took the microphone oh I get it figured out his laptop and I'm gonna show that I give is gonna diet and. Lincoln and night if tonight turn and get an end in a firefighters business can go up in smoke in a plumbers business can go down the drain. Can hook or get laid off. We're where we Medicare and the firefighters visiting go up and smoke a plumbers business can go down the drain. Tonight hookers. And if you're gonna knock out. But all of them. A Muslim lady Laura. And I don't think you ready that's the big show to ever really win yeah. Are the champion that she called yeah yeah that's how I want to thank god dad jokes right yeah. Yeah I don't Friday against. Got to know Lee took 3009 did you jokes are rigs finally finally about a line and I finally and I get to grab and sure he's not come. We always different. Riggs and Elliott Greg Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.