Dad Joke Friday With AlvinPants

Friday, July 20th

Friend of the show and YouTube sensation AlvinPants joined Riggs & Alley for the tradition of DAD JOKE FRIDAY!

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Now he replied you know in case you missed it the first time it is time. Every Friday and this week we have a special guest in studio album and from YouTube who makes a today for a special edition of. Just a bad jokes if you laugh if you lose snow. And yeah hopefully I YouTube guy anyplace else. How are you still have on the south side pulled families and the south side. In one house passed what do they say. I don't talk. I love it sure. Injured Jose it's the culture have a static simply not turn Jose never you have with his whole family and endangered G-Unit of her whole yeah. Yeah certain cultures things how where why he. People are like leave me alone do. Galileo and I am I wanna move out of my parents house as soon as possible. Unless I need money Henderson money yeah. Yeah sorry here's how this works Allen. And their dad jokes they're bad jokes so we want works and if you laugh you lose it includes laughing at your own jokes so make sure if you tell a joke. That it's not that funny to you because if you laugh at your own jokes he will be out of I'm talking to you wanna say this tally gives you were clean of this. I Latin culture and I like to laugh. I don't know your jokes sock that's what will your general I can't laughs all right. Well let so well last week I won the last attacks on rigs on them and a one week winning streaks electronic the first one we can go far dared IG guys. What's the difference between a piano and tuna. And edged rom a super glue. I don't know you can tune a piano but she can't tuna fish. Don't. You know they've got testing but the glue type of what our growth actually got there were some meetings in the jokes aside I need it's stuck on the globe. Wounds are you really you're just upstairs and third parts are another and accepts an Alley. Yesterday I saw Geist bill all the scrabble letters on the streets I stopped and asked what's the word on the street. Not who. Aren't comment on it you know. When it does seem computer. Givens I got this from actually a listener on FaceBook okay in a naked guy walks into a bar with a woman on his back. I'm a turtle he says the woman on your back someone asks that's Michelle. Michelle let me show aren't these are terrible scab master rigs man all right you guys know why can't give also balloon. Why can't you you've also balloon because she'll that'd go. Oh my god. And yeah. I. Hey let's make our own Joseph he's been watching too much closing got a daughter that's a good girlfriends as serial idol and I knew the kid jump we need to get huge rally. Now if I'd you're letting go one more time to swear this way you give L Sobel until it again now from night tally your my turn I knock knock who's there. Control freak. Now you. Free get it. I answer it. I think Dallas Sonoma. That's all I know Jennifer love to laugh at how we get cash I cut you off in the middle. Eating get a reason left and risen rapidly legit if you can control by feel not good luck. Control freak. Hey now you say control freak and then also made arrest. You get is like my Elop in the middle of your control freak in the middle of you detect it's easy to explain it so he's not my. Not me I thought it was funny I cited here because I'm a control freak so. I look ritual for your actually Alvin. Your joke credential try to go Utah and yeah please. It was it was a way that was cute I didn't make me LO well and since humans is out of my aunt now yes yes right why did the belt get arrested. Why did the dog and arrest because he held up a pair of pants. Iran or Gjelten. Saying hmm. Have time Harry why would the little strawberries so sad this comes from listener Jane why it was too little strawberries so I was a little strawberries so sad because a lot of did. It was in nineteen. He wouldn't you know for you let guys know laughter and I have allowed her you know I married my life I'm still in Allen go ahead. I don't know how does the man in the moon cut his hair. Yeah. I'm pretty good very good. It's not going to be adjustment for humans is gonna make me now endowment on his legs go high and just started with special that Alvin dad Joseph Friday. I don't know what to expect to see you guys know what's on a porcupine makes when they kiss watts. Alex. While giving is that again. How doctor don't tell me damage to the Twitter and doc says sorry our file your. What did you out. Television. Hello I mean I don't know Alvin. And Hughes are. Can issues artist Laird. Shoot jokes who didn't shoot June. This gestures with those horrible heels us women who are around judging your good work out and throw wild fashion I don't know autism is like no. This you know I wanna stand my friend had made fun of I think if you guys hear about the window who wraps. Two is. To know to paint Suton. I restaurant karma now there's no menu you get what you deserve. It's funny while making you sad karma one away the favorite place in the sudden right now and Allen Niro. It. I don't know what does an illicit illegal after him. And it's. Still allow these to update anything. Literally hostilities stopped now it's. Rig is really trying not to laugh at best are that was good is that Rick Schwarzenegger joked I joke Freddie were exiled all right. What has four wheels and flies Alvin. And garbage truck. Four wheels flies every track gonna get a ms. flies also let them. Diet is left. He was laughing out dummy your joke wise and get chills right. That means you watch you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You laughed you lose the rules of the game Brad does the girls I know you're here filming for your YouTube channel which you lost some. What role I can say oh good instant replay of your chuckle at its local you know how that. Joseph Friday. Couldn't catch up Friday. They're telling you fight every week Alvin Williams inside and I mean really league at bat rigs Digg doesn't listen so we won't lab Latin. And then you're left with something else zags. I just. Don't like yeah. Okay. Riggs and Elliott Briggs it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.