Dad Joke Friday - Alley Found The Way

Friday, January 19th

Alley found a secret weapon in the world of Dad Jokes that wil certainly making Riggs AND Gibbons laugh. Oh yeah! It's true! Enjoy DAD JOKE FRIDAY!!!


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Makes an Alley re wine yeah it's a a tradition that was born. Every single Friday it is time for everybody's favorite segments Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and care about them so. We only care about out stuff. Jokes he would laugh if you lose. This. For all morning at his own guy to come in her convoy as uncommon for you guys are busily working. I will go around the horn. And each one of us will tell our dad jokes which are bad jokes. And then you not a lot of left hook and into laughing at your own joke counts yup and laughing and the people counsel no laughing what so ever you know we all clear on the rules only. Yeah. Harry can all right yes I'm with you do you wanna go first given I would go first I'd given your first for dead joked Friday. Can you believe Alley assaulted me earlier Al insult to you earlier or she she hit in the head with a bottle of Diet Coke. Don't worry it was a soft drinks. Seem to get the you know he talks post Kyle knows why don't tell me I must left at that hey guys. What are you calling nine in a wheelchair what what the Virgin Mobile. Now hole that was good that was that was good news today's your constipated account. Now he couldn't budget. Everywhere sale of the peninsula. Joseph Friday. This is the bridge to get the credit them for getting me out there I guess so I'm. Taken into it owes me now me now and yet she. You wanna bring your rigs and boring it's all right Allan yes. Think on. Sometimes I tell my knees into my chest and then Eileen Ford it's how I roll. Dave Briggs yeah children are like little starts. Your owner just about bearable but everyone else is are her rent to us. It with a kick it to the gentlest arch street is a stupid fart jokes today people. We can't sipping dad Joseph fried egg it bad joke Friday. And did you hit a rumor going around about daughter. Nevermind that I shouldn't spread it. Looks to spread it thunder and what are what I say to the other Bynum. Is this still take. How. Laughing at your own. It's not an audible laughter she's smiling and she's allowed us in Iowa here laughs hey 'cause I doubt it's what you call a bear with no ears. I know what's up Eric Snow ears and Buddha. That was that was existing doesn't figure into your audience ballot there. C'mon married pretty great doesn't it tell you joke but it's really crappy and I think people. And you. Yeah China and. I don't listen I know you are here she silently laughing. What we want low flying an airplane noises what do we wanna do you can. Here. Oh. So as legally and his dad jokes. What do you call Clark hit with diarrhea. Oh who jokes puck went. And. It's. Critics yeah. You know you want to carbon free it took turns today you know it's a bulging out his next and you were making fun of alligators earlier this week out. We call an alligator detective. And investigator. I. Just get me for now just Friday yeah. You're record in the woods one yeah. Yeah. Didn't have to do it. A student and then Jack Johnson. The bad joke Friday. It was a good run. Yeah we you're just coming out with a solution and has her reasons are. Diageo trying to make it on Joseph Arpaio I. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.