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Thursday, March 10th


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One of three point seven kiss FM it's rigs out in a judge ware on the phone with Bob Saget from full our house now why now full house is how you know all the rumors are starting to surface again you know like that Jodie sweeten slept with John steam within. Well no one's ever slash I actually slept with John yeah yeah. It's just. Celebrating the world so it was bittersweet if Serbia could tell it like Elena helped out. It's sizzling. Grade them really crabby at 32 suites can use. And we signed a little tiny little Asian gentleman was an Elvis impersonator at the Hilton. Pullen an elderly person in specific. That's a lot since any resistance pull out because you love doubles so much you know Jesse and then we watched the current events it's kinda cute. And Ted Bundy would it and then meet them to go upstairs and I just remember that day I did drink too much and he fed mean mean. John was beating mean mean it's just. It. I I just that I got to go to bed and lay down on the bed and then Mike at wake up to three hours later and he's next to me. I couldn't believe that I slipped to denounce them. A hot and very jealous yeah belittled so if you hadn't thought the current. Abby Joseph and it we've we get pretty bad breath it was not good. That he is he is we built a different children gave to leave. Golf is so much that first episode was dedicated to our bombs because it just Frankel Motley produce the show yeah there's no lost her mom's in the past couple years. You know I knew the. It is that the level there really is a lot of love it even though you do show for kids and family show. If you watch a the stuff that happened to between the lines could also Europe so. Absolutely out on the phone with Bob Saget of full house he's at the taps theaters this Friday the kind of a dirty guy we could say that right there yeah. Two week trip. I was raised that way does have met the gallows sense of humor just because we we have a lot of rough batter of child of bill level blood loss and they dead as talkative. Move make jokes even boasted appropriate so. I would have been devise a little game would do you like to play a little game. Here this is called is it a wrestling finishing move or a dirty sex in the of I think it okay okay the first one is the Dutch treat. Is that up wrestling fishing move or a census. That would be a wrestling. That is a sex moves exactly that in the that involves the bottom I think I see out there how what about the scorpion death drop. Oh that's arresting it is absolutely right that was lazy what a terrible the bullwinkle. Oh let's just sound so she didn't say it is absolutely duty six minutes it picked. It involves yeah. There's a there's nobody to clear which is our second half. We're playing is it a dirty sex in the world wrestling finishing move with the Bob Saget about the the flaming Amazon. Well I think data one of those so lets us. That they attempted to rape and give somebody before you do a six. Yes hassle and this accidentally got that I think Bob Saget wrote the urban dictionary by the league match. I was actually all of them are quite a bit just to make sure arm of due to speak proper. I think. Again Bob Saget thank you so much for join us we appreciate your the past theater this Friday night 8 o'clock tickets still available past theatre dot org. You know. I hope you guys come to it looked to have used as I guess. If I'm allowed to say that. Sure Lebanon and and Lola I'm not bribing you heard different things. You babysit my two and four year old. If you yeah. The bar behind yeah. Yeah some of it is just. Sixteen Tokai edge they had not that dirt in minutes. But South Park exam because Purdue. But you up if four year old be great. Yeah. The tuxedo. And the advocate for a really looking forward to that angered most beautiful theaters so yeah and governor and I am not gonna tarnish interprets. Things we've pretty much have a great one.