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Thursday, March 10th


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What a three point seven kiss FM rigs Valium a judge on the phone with Bob Saget who's at the pabst theater this Friday night march 11. I this is just straight stand up Brent. Brothers says. Yeah you have to really liked Nazis and full house Zoubek I don't know I had just bust the holes stage. Honestly everything like gloves quote it is doing this this whole warehouse thing and I'm not as maniacal of those media about it my grandchildren could form in their past but on the PGA to be clean freak yeah yeah what what you get a little you let people used to afford it. Who was the bigger clean freak Danny tanner on full house or Monica from friends. I hope you know they should hooked up but never thought about. The most obvious place in the world. Are you Danny did. He used I think she was more dimensional bitumen at a. Not gonna Bob Saget this morning congrats on smaller house because. You never know how remakes are gonna Matt go buy it has been a really good way down. It's really an honesty here and it's funny his statements were. Seth Meyers and read some of the reviews and it's the same thing and have only did full cost nobody liked it but it never was so beloved by the critics 'cause it was a show on page fourteen year old girls and families and and now. Lot of single parents probably that they. Raise their kids and would watch it. Now they can watch all thirteen episodes in seven hours and we've been ninety overload on supervised the. And parents. Definitely but it it is kitty receipt on the girls and a great job that it's their show worthy with a legacy Catholic college. We got about second on the phone this morning and have not heard a rumor you were talking about a full guest house. Yeah that's what world does them in convalescent. Here. The it is wheels. Yeah. Yeah doomsday muscles still be hot. That's the thing up. To do to show love and up until he looks incredibly ugly. Yeah this is a really long. Demanded no Mears be on the sexy. Freezes in front of them reduced him out of. We're talking to Bob Saget so Bob do you and John stay most hang out a lot of. Well Torre and over the beach boys and Obama on sort of stand up because they're a working a lot of new material because I wanna do that two hour special. And so we're broke it. Literally tactic throughout today and upbeat note on a date the other night in and I was like look at just texted me but I've just davis' name on your own because she's like well. God doesn't stop anybody you service. I'm just getting laid by saying hey here's Johnston its current. Just saw the picture doesn't come opening test in the neighborhood Brothers to me so it's just it's a fun thing to see it happen then. And it's really cute in the consciousness right now so it's. It's Netflix is like over the head of. Moon absolutely we're talking with Bob Saget this morning on kiss FM so between Broadway exit comes and understandably do you enjoy doing most of you can juice. I'm the favorite is exotic dancing. I Bob sunglasses to cancel and it Orien Reid and I just there it alma street front. Traders you balance the street basket and had as well absolutely. Insist they have a baby and because. I wanna make sure that the interest himself but who should drop to zero season that's perfect. Balance that happened but I read it's like it's would have loved whatever I'm doing it it look directing also has project from. Working on getting ready then. I just whatever you do it put a 100% of myself and to serve really. I guess you just have workaholic but that both would stand up and agent had music in Russia several in the music and I just really low performing and there's something you get. From standup in my standup show combines spoke audience interaction with the a lot of joke season but it matters blues the perception is that mean that I did standup since I was seventeen so I work ten years before. Battle televisions so. My dad was always a you know PG nineteen. In nineteen. Shop.