Black Friday Shopping Tradition With Intern Cuervo

Wednesday, November 22nd

Intern Cuervo is a strange dude...but his family might be even weirder. They go Black Friday Shopping EVERY year. Listen to get all the details on their strange tradition.


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Kelly why. Casey mr. the first sign up three point seven kiss FM is traced an Alley. We bring into the steel are fresh fun intern Jose quiz on here how they don't glad under a tent I guess good and who has Friday as Black Friday and I've never met somebody that religiously goes Black Friday shopping people who just live and die and they're like we're going Black Friday shopping. We're here in the big box stores we can't wait for it. In that family is squarely assembling. It up. Having gone might nine have been going since I ever since I can't remember. You two years ago we Lehman finished a distant and fairly and went to we says screw it we went events by Eric around sound Khat contains daring night and we we got there like around seven and we can't we got to start around ten. If you ever camp out for some things. Just that two years ago whoever SIO. Yet only Valentine Allentown what are you can't account for the best line of TV. He's getting a deal on TV it was does not even yet we got a good idea it's a lot. Times and he's big box deal of the Black Friday things will be like of 42 inch TV is 39 dollars or whatever anyone has ever get a good one or two movement a sort okay. If you ever gotten a magnificent geely would be just your family lost their minds over. I'd suggest we tattooed tablets RCA tablets for elected. Claim five's likes it there really cheap tablets for Tony bots are like Citi and there wasn't a hundred and other Ellison a hundred they were it was a warmer tone and island it was still only got to tell us that Salinas is illegal with a whole Sam was against it take extra guy yet my domain Baghdad zoo and I'm hum Datsyuk and and I was out as the descending outside in the line with songs and I wanna wait that sucks. We got our talons on PDF forgot what the big rush for the doors open and everybody runs in the same time are you part of that group that I am part of them active and like I treasure on I try to get some events deals and I am user to press on again there's a it's as if it out of ignorance or Jose Cordova who doesn't Black Friday shopping every year religiously with a sampling do you guys plan ahead of time we're going to go already kind of just fly by the seat your pants just just Cyrus and her fancy just take like advertisers and fires assess what this is a good idea a gentler there. Gil joins the good ones like them and how many flaws in best Iowa south ridge or the one in mesa air I think the best line near us I'm just sausage monster best one yeah to guess Allen doesn't I have a lot traffic. I was incidents on. Do you find parking by the length. I walk aways departure. We just try to get there they are now we just hard to make a few blocks away like in a residential area and throughout oriental guy got to ask. Does this all figured out how dedicated he is a Black Friday showed how dedicated are you entering a I was like where about OK you're in the store and you see the one item you want what's called a TV that's just 32 inch TV gaffe and there is a mother who's in her mid forties as one TV left one teenage and she's about to go forward as you go for. We use our branding or go ladder to get the gift give the TV or you let her have. There having our. I don't think he's got real life. Right Asian hours on the I don't know I had a real Black Friday shopper would knock her over insist are about you and your unborn child -- sorry just my TV. That's insane I'm glad that and that's what it really gets in the Black Friday shopping. Good luck this year man thank you we hidden best buy and he's again I'm SI again I think everybody is best value I'd like to declare a family this. Let's get that benefit from rigs in LA it's Briggs it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.