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Wednesday, January 25th

Find out the inside scoop on Amber's experience filming The Bachelor.


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He missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. What a trip like seven kiss FM is regs and Allie good morning welcome to the show. If you watched this Monday night's bachelor yes you saw her on the show this the entire episode was then Milwaukee that yes please welcome. And there. And it. Yes she was the ex girlfriend yeah album by the way she turned down interviews but she accepted ours so I love her screw you like and now messing around. I can message your parent she goes I turned on life and style magazine put. I would totally do you guy that Lilja. Great finale overall thank you for coming on here are solely on I'm coming I said. I so many questions three about the show wow you show the big east. God were they aired nothing melee. Pasted on to stuff together and it didn't go together I can you you have Austin's whole episode made ten cents. Do you of the she's cut 90% of what she said we sat at that table and had a conversation for a half now. Really shake half an hour and it isn't good it. Eat we got and in Alton intricate pieces of the past and how I feel about him as a single eye in what's wrong with him in all the air and was. Is he bigger. I I I. After the super PC and I just it's OK so here's my first question now did you were you planned to be on the show or he truly run India because I. And most that scripted and the sense or you really have to ask you knew you were gonna be on the show yet. Did nick picky you. I have thought Simon. He certainly has a lot of access and I said that to the producers and they called that capsaicin in you know I've got other things the producer did he give the producers you remember. OK I can't get a call the night before and said this is Nick's idea now animal on material or emea block a shot. Well. And they are supposed to go to South Carolina I think to some there's a hurricane so they're clean got reroute the now we all come to act like it and hounding little apparently because they didn't have options are. Trying to sell like what you wanna come home something going and I hope are you must. And just intellectually curtain on the map I love hearing this behind this team came on the show years ago when Jason dot Melissa and the great pick Turk campaign and joining us he's not a lot of I'm a bachelor and she would tell us stuff about how they manipulate the interviews and actually they did not to I was known and it well I mean I guess it highly enough yeah Italian bed and you know let's just have a conversation and a hundred summit got used disciplining how quickly one actually and that. No hair no make up no words. No idea as a what was gonna happen at all they're like Stella sit down here you go here's nick boomed film cell islands when was the last time you would see neck. Long time recently. Three years warriors yeah yeah we do like lunches and stuff you don't ask and it's totally platonic solid the idea it's a mean. So what do you think of him being on the bachelor and he gave this guy he's got a bit on the bachelor Tommy tyrant. Now the bachelor gravel are the new one only four times in yet you include the charities and everybody thinks she's due she what are you saying did you really really well no amount time onto what is everyone really thinking stage yet everyone thinks and I know I think is a dream though. Yeah. Yeah yeah I do not because I did not see the first season with Andy and I came in the second one. I missed that season and everybody hated him by the time you and I can see it and I did never understand why but no matter who I talked to engage public won't tell you this is you know ham yes. Yeah everybody hates him I don't know I don't segue because I came in light that the perception that the perception. And I guarantee. Across is a good guy and I. I don't understand I he thinks he is a wonderful yeah I I know him yeah I can tell you though that when we dated none of different. Yeah why why did your friends like nick when you get. On the nick nick trial well the best of my guy friends and Mike and I think because it was the Indian and they were threatened I'm. I Kennedys and he is other seasons guy Tatum known my not epidemic that I think it was because like I friends kind of like. Men's and and I am I I guys get icons like rhetoric that's never camp did in his lie if you like I believe he's like that runs actual city are yeah I again and I think that they disk and finally to connect them to do is like a cease strain of Gambia and turn on because they've seen major. And he had a nice please get everything down he's really tear gas. Would you ever be on the show if they wanted to YouTube. Sid do and don't bash and what is next season and would you like I wanna go there and she's single married. Yeah. Yeah. And clearly the answers now. Your your lie yeah not only married with kids I I I I figured out yeah. Dad now my husband's clothes on at night he knows neck like. There's kind of like an overlap or nick and I ending dating and it is meeting my husband really funny and super interesting actually nickname broke up and Lee started hanging out just as friends at saint two days after it broke up we are out as friends and my husband and that's funny. And it's not that so we want to know what you said they come out like I want to hear what you said about me good things that are bad things. He needing to add I mean he's sitting Andrea I'm not like dissonant Fred that. She did ask me why I I thought he was still single and again the only thing that they claimed was only he'd beads are this hard earned the explain my he's single and I'm not going to do it. I am I think he singled hear him because he thinks he is in a mixed bay album beard like how. Page I just mean he's got so there's the one Teddy they see where he's he's attractive in his. Theory over at least actual race that's like a masculine tight so she's attracting women who like that nasty ailing tech guy so what he had. Sutton brown and many maybe that they were okay I'm. Clinton has other side is. Of emotional he'd be sit and talk about how he feels all the time name and my take everything is being I can come. You want that in the heat and date nights talking about access is and how do you feel about. Miss. Are licking your season I had. It's not because it can't do what I am I out of wanna hear about it. In the middle of the pack of attack I seen my husband right now cry of wants me and it's neat. Would cry when you make out. I know he's well. You just don't know what to deal with that and I and I kind of felt like ice shot with like. That Ian DC's and and and all the elements when it was between me in the guy who's like Lugar masculine kind of closed off and sometimes we do not making women want that lake. Yeah I mean I don't outlaw all and nick is just like an open at least not out there and it's a much more I ate right our time practicing lawyers say I'm Nat. Can't get their share and move can thank you. Come an end to end really appreciate and then. Why the darn clear you will know this is seven Minnesota lawyer. And I am I love having lunch a bush wouldn't do another bachelor and it caught everything you under center right now. He's not alone I mean. I think that. Kids are getting out she can say negating owes you an telecast showed that we know now all. Turn one copy sharper you guys that why you add a registered alien the F who ends. Now and I were down you do. Oh you know when we. Really yeah up. And. Overthrust they hit the Wii okay. Danielle I am from Germantown. Did I say this I was going to dive and muscle on his right I could never heard the awful. Worst interview ever after. I would really did not really this season and everyone pats ferries and you think it did you read that part of the contract. Until that area you guys on our sanctions are wondering whatever we want to do you have a favorite guy you lettuce and that was definitely shouldn't Leonard. Now it is the least knowledge it's not current rank well it's obviously not a girlfriend but I G Enron had you met her and I and that the winter. Given the least you know when you girls that it's a no no no I need. Makes you think you're fat girl because I what is said no and they're great the other night well. The only guy who isn't too much and probably Ares Jesse. And I didn't eat enough and now but you know who it is. She knows the guy listening to have would you pack. And even now I would take her and can shoot it could now do you do you feel very glad you're Dina has semi crisis play I think every didn't pick her and because of obvious route. We are mad at Nick's okay he doesn't cut people a Koran. You think she's keeping crane because he wants to keep current condition is making him keep do you think producers and I. So maybe I. Yeah of course yeah yeah wild when nobody wants this kind of like an era NASA girls that you know it's and in your current lady and he said please be patient with her pinning his way of being like I have to keep her to hold on a little movement that's not a winner to shoot and her remember her name. South Carolina doubts about how you like about it. Right they thinking he marries Vanessa that's always showed that it adds I think out of them shields. Sherlock. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.