Bachelor Bizness With Papa Riggs - Week 6 Recap

Tuesday, February 7th

Papa Riggs has it down to his Top 4 Finalists for The Bachelor. Listen to find out if his Top 4 are the same as yours.


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie rewind to last ninety bachelor week went six we and a charming and now it's six bring AM green to the phone for our weekly recap. My dad and good morning good morning under enormous. I'm pretty yet. I'm kicking. Please tell me on the first hour of the bachelor because all I know it is my TV aren't very core I turned it on and I'll they kept saying was. Man after that horrible day we just had a might. You have to bend the I just thought why did you let have been done. Well you know president continued from last week with the president Taylor Taylor actually soften your call yeah. Is that what prisoner under dinner until it decides to interrupt and I did it basically they'll work didn't she didn't matter she's gone. But Clinton did get the roles for that. I checked current and now. Get burned and so rose ceremony and another door never out of country and treaties Sullivan. A couple more three more programs were let go why is it getting down to some numbers. Every exact study was clipped and I'm like nobody's business last night it was awesome I was like now we're finally move somewhere on the bachelor bout time. Tony many literally to get rid of yesterday injury three total. At least birdie yeah police force or do you have a portal must have been mentioned that upset on the group's do you want to got a text and you go in there who went up front. There's something really embarrassing when a girl yells at a guy and national TV about how she's not getting enough time when damage she's like on the bachelor she should. FY IQ any events that you just don't pay any attention to me I want to shaker ergo he doesn't like you treat this particular handily. I I don't have peace talks but she actually put her hand on his neck and just. You know I really liked you but I wanna choke you. That was horrible and many Japanese video eclipsed her yeah should it all played well word yet usually finish on a very workshop overnight thing out. Yes sort of recruit I think is what we're talking about there's this girl and a group stated that it was all about the decline. This. So at the end of the night Tom ravens got a rose to handle. That she's doing pretty good she's had absolutely one of my favorites to make it to the final four right now she and Rachel are all. On track I think to make it to the final four. After a share for sure what I've got to now Rachel and Korean in my bracket for the final litigate and out of there now I think it's she's a dark horse I think she's gonna come through when. Immunity I don't see. So we can make it to the final four I think the pop or right now that I yet raven. Grateful to better than before encourage critical to go all the way the final four shirt. They're like these are between the netbooks and Christine because flats I get one more look. If you did your brother well some. It has no you know between no I think we're gonna be next week I wanted to just gonna pop up and it's going to be I think is going to be even though. My top four or an outrage rape of Rachel Cory and even. Let me just say one does that you mentioned is a winner south you're tied for the one point I hope that my career and I'm not gonna say I'm never gonna tell you the winner has died he's come into your job for sure it's usually the questions I can read about it here I think are going to be our next next bachelorette I agree that we are a lot lower you go. She's fantastic I agree here Dan thank you for watching the bachelor. I don't. But does that outlined to you and a receipt I appreciate doing as far as the valley and have dvi drama that I messed with its beloved arguably. But I. Glad the madness to San in the back. I got a minor hysterical. Rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.