Bachelor Bizness With Papa Riggs - Week 5 Recap

Tuesday, January 31st

Some people have a passion for life. Papa Riggs, however, has a passion for The Bachelor!! Check out his Week 5 Recap!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind I know you watch events and I can't watch it without my brain started to slide out of my ears. That's a cell and going into a teacher I don't watch it again I just I didn't I can't you can't I can't smoke when I was like we should watch it's he can be relatable as of now. My dad will watch it was on the phone the morning dad back. Third Mort I. I don't layered. My dad loves to bash live more than you will probably win anywhere right now out and I don't tell your dad that we know who wind. I'll ask auto I don't know I've got to tell you and it's really I'm not connect is not registered everything I would I am not gonna tell you is good data show is actually ruined for me. When I watch yeah I. Can't stop I fast forward to the people that I know he's not gonna end up big. Yeah it's actually wish they didn't know who won altering wins so national and next anemic series and you're doing an interview I see X I can't. OK anyway so that proper inevitable when she's it would have been a last night's episode. Well they had that everything crooked as the one on one date the group stayed in the skill on one I think we should treat the crew on part of true and try to motivate you yeah. So Horry missed out masks. You know there was really await the wanna one was a great jobs. And you're part of the first rose at the beginning so I'm operates easel and went to Marquette law school you know. Yeah area does all right Candice is very beautiful very Smart woman so often she is definitely in the in the driver's during the three but I've got a prediction curriculum ought to play for the end. I know what it did but I. I'm gonna save it OK I want you aren't dieting or your dad's prediction about her now again he still the end hotel. Yet he got a row so then that they'll put that the groups stay with ten girls I thought haunted mansion out culturally just it was just like easy birdies and it. Some dumb a few minutes of pain and misery. I eat fast forwarded to the entire. Group dates I. I hate that they're so boring get down less Rehman and now. Well but. He had no and I look hard girl she was in that group which at the rose stalls out and girls this for some gas so nice there amendment favorite she still might save us I'm. Yes he got brought that can both pull left I would feel super right. Didn't know from Germantown. Did you did you notice last night that there energy was becoming too friend like friendship dish. Yeah what they are sent out there was no like cash and they were just kind of getting out like two friends from Wisconsin and I thought. Who's this park might be dead with those two they did kiss after that she got the rose nostalgia of Justin yeah we're talking about does the Daschle last night with my dad. And Natalie had to test and up until a deal that goes a two on Monday gives that last. Let's talk about on one you know if you remember last would be part Korean and Taylor we're having a verbal fight carried onto this week right and say yeah. Is focused and they just hate each other you know of course you know pray and invented a new word last night intelligently what it's. They're intelligence. Means the Internet to sorting out proper exit by the way I handle it that pretty well. Though they weren't their dorm one of the the the body you right in the court Peru and she. The law that's partly. Yes it could really think somebody while they were in the liar I was laughing again purpose he pusher in the slumped following. The crowd. Gone to edit one rose one goes home shall I would have pushed into a swamp I literally I watched now he's likely sees women and children Clinton. I'm on my side moments from now what about crippled out of booted out of the right she's the next job though Bob. Yet careened up the roles on the two on one date after she went basically and this made. Taylor looked terrible suit says that that nick yes I'm still kind of that would that I have. And they are there yet another buried and Taylor work Hungarian grand baby she won't run out of their state if she approached them to other romantic date alone and here comes the girl he just kicked off storming into the Internet what happened to. Well the author of whatever course. It ended. Hey there next week I'll go back Jill. Her yeah yeah so. They were popular like to we're gonna go home and I'm betting it's not going to be cramped betting that we get but not but no particular species Adam. It's. Oh yeah she's sick she's the one that I thought he had the most chemistry labs. You know that you've dinner and if you do then they can yes that and a little all right yeah. Yes lust she's gonna get fed up with the because you keep them current around felt anxious. And it's such factory here's what you tell us Jaafari and Rachel. And Daniel now with parts from the from Germantown and Germantown and Greivis. And I wanted to prediction. Ravens got a prediction for Rachel Rachel is gonna make it true. Around seventh rose ceremony when they get the final four where you really start to understand. You can achieve gonna leave and my prediction is that she's gonna be next here. That's flesh. First black bachelorette I. I know your dad's theory is she's going to be got that she will be case you were great bachelor right if you look at a black bachelor this crazy. Yeah so he's going to be about we're tired lizard out on the at a 100%. Not 100% nights. Thank you guys for the recap I'm glad I didn't have to watch again tree and I. That's. Did the miserables I did actually don't let it. I do think Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three settings you set them dot com.