Bachelor Bizness With Papa Riggs - Week 4 Recap

Tuesday, January 24th

The Bachelor was showing footage from their trip to Waukesha! Find out all the juicy details of last night's episode. It's Bachelor Bizness With Papa Riggs!


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Rigs and Alley rewind on the phone since the bachelor last night with nick vile. Tennis isn't in quite stuck where they've really its land last night to may no longer show the bachelor it was a real for a full report on last night. And how it looks up to my dad live from Indiana to Atlanta and it hurt more cheaply just aliens. A true statement there was a lot of Milwaukee a lot of Wisconsin last night and the national please tell us all out I realize they were coming back to Milwaukee first home hometown but bring in the women actually I'm dying in Iraq. Yep so they did go to walk show last night lust and walked shops are all they had. That that they had a 21 on one date and a group date so I started off well by taking a couple more people. Weird how they're doing and rose ceremony at the beginning now and Orlando way to do it so odds. Yeah I like it does anywhere close to anchor the sleeping with. Christina and Britney are gone Britney I mean c'mon it's. I wish I could say oh yeah better remember who the hell those girls are good. Yes I. Dec Christine you would remember because she was the one who first bold. I am told the girls about. She was the one who. Knew about peace exec escapade worked a flight made you know you lose the one that kind of brought with. She was everybody's. Stats right she was the one to center. Anyway that's the one with Daniel else to stand there are an outlet to know Ellen I am not the one from German. She's bright she's kind of fall off but she is the only group but that they had won a lot of this kind of went OK eight. My record they ran into his old playing number which is obviously got up one creek bulldogs. Got to awkward in that. Holding her. Are just amber has somebody used to call shocked. Oh well let's get the show I don't. The show the pressure on her. Crew chiefs if you look like you're Smart enough to bigger Monty dump them. Lindsay she's nick bile accident she's on the show that we are nowhere man this is getting it marching by the minute there at gateway and what else. Good Wisconsin when they came back here. All they went on a large grouping of about twelve Obama went cool armed they have this thing and the middle Cottrell and shovels them. Stuff. This stuff that perhaps it may mean you're aware and ideals that than the current white yeah. Showing. Appel is an island middle of may ridiculous there's no real women on that shall just they're all in Hollywood were at issue is real that Richard yoga pants on let's get secrets she let me like everyone else do you just inning ends and my dad recapping the national from last night. Obviously. The people from Milwaukee were on the bachelor last night because they also did this show at the Chris slavish noted and they answered competitors on. They would give it to Chris lane and they didn't dare talk. In front of third let's a lot of people from from the more scary had no thought this. And I remember when they're reluctant we had to line up for tickets for an like yeah who knew there was so I was and I can win in Los Angeles out last year yeah I had two girls who were there Soledad yeah there are reports just a lot of people listening or there stance. They admit that that they was with don't hooked ravens so she's trying to get doing well with them and that they went pretty well but. Danielle Campbell's. Germantown gonna do better than you think now because what they do is they have like a front runner and they hide them for the rest of the season so they don't cause any problems. They bring them back when they're down and like top foreign you like him again they basically height up so you like him at the end empathetic to. Yeah that's right he's had and she's still my favorite she's dumped her favorite and she's still in the top three. And it doesn't Koreans who are out. It works out. Three in his ratings still there and I east there's something looked into on Monday and actually what is that about somebody it's time to. Then try to two on 12 girls going to date with them one get very warm got to go and do that are on the state are going to be ran. And Steelers. So it's. Those two had a fight and they had a verbal. It next week you're gonna start off with the fight between those two plus as I could escalate cause cancer and misses every TV. Home and watch it now you have to hit it I love it finds out what that coming up so watch it next week. Hey dad thanks for the recount of the bachelor I appreciate you couldn't put in the time I don't wanna take to watch the show at. Just the walker sure stuff you do that. Demand for people that wanna see and I will meet you back here same time same place everything all right thank you very much yeah it travels a bloody. Riggs an Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.