Bachelor Bizness With Papa Riggs - Week 3 Recap

Tuesday, January 17th

Papa Riggs loves The Bachelor more than life itself and gave us a recap on the third week of this season.


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Big finale re wine bringing to the phone probably one of the biggest bash the fans I know to Baghdad this morning dad. Spirit Florida and her eggs he you actually watched it last night I'm going to be honest with everybody in the room. I tried really hard dad to watch the bachelor last night so it could be able to go along with the conversation. I just can't get through into. And it actually hurts its mind numbing to watch the mundane conversation about. Now our people watching this instant success I don't like so what's that what. Because it's a game the U wanna see who wins it's not real right. So dad give us are yet. Go ahead. I just wanted to be crazy could. Yeah and gets a lot of crazies of the kernel and WL. Diet. Starts but last night we have sort of state to start it off clip of all groups The Backstreet Boys which was awesome. Street fan that we were pretty awesome so you have a group of about having had the Backstreet boys and had about twelve girl had our standard program that had a he got back up dancers amendment elected want to get a one on one dance with Scott what's next. And better alignment back. They were not tally that now hell. She got a war one and actually should give him a rose to which was up pretty good you've kind of one of the better ones. For the group it was pretty cold current. Are angry crazy woman who sees sicker cold are really quiet start to look like yeah she's. You did talk about current and toast career ends and started the show by eight. Exposing her itself against such as some wish screening is the only bad yeah you could see as a slot. Very it was very awkward and it won't wanna let's throw it pretty well. The first five word that I come up with to describe current whip cream. I don't know how that if I owned by Nora Vargas. Niemi she has her own elite which is Brady particularly kids. Flying. The last one of course there's nude she's ho he's a nice words the fight Korean. But I do not her parents. Because every episode she's like regular clothes I try to screw the guys it's like a second or third with Mike or your parents let's be real mortified right now. Bluff he's staring at you would lap but. I give her a couple more weeks she's done. You think so yeah. Did honestly. Heidi the winner in the first like five episodes because they don't wanna make their. The winner ever gonna like the winner yeah. So they kind of put in the background you don't see up at an all in all these people emerge when he's targeting to the hometown dates and even know there was like a spark dare you. Hitting a man who just tuning in we're talking with my dad about the bachelor could just that's just a bit but so you sit at a top Ford and are your top four Delilah. Well they're they're they're the top sports aren't particularly what I wanna see their but you're sort out or what you gotta put Korean and her because she's just got his attention. No way all of I don't think people. Are of the final four idol I understand why people don't like camp there's no way maybe you'll always look. Now but not to have a 101 day within that went very well she says that zero chief Ed Norton Sergio to explain what you do a freefall and it's like. You can get a little nauseous and actually did feel. Wait starlet real well encourages this wind I saw this on FaceBook to 700 lot and then he kissed them boom yeah for chewing gum before the you talk to date and then they made out there this right foot when you know me know your equipment and. My number three at that Daniel Graham to the girl from German actually really not in yet scheduled and unless we but managed at Jim Gray we claps. Daniel hell. Daniel Bell also she is looking pretty good to put that's my four and I would ya I want a career in golf but not for another couple oral. Entertaining and I actually keep it like Olivia lassie or whatever season that lives or Libya and we're like yeah yeah ever remain season. There's always wanting Burton there's always one crazy person learn tonight that things are watching the match there again. Why don't put such you do not the next legally do it every Monday and Tuesday the bash every highway with my dad and Alex. Yeah and I thought it. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.