Bachelor Bizness With Papa Riggs - Week 2 Recap

Tuesday, January 10th

The only thing better than a preview of The Bachelor is the recap! It's  Bachelor Bizness With Papa Riggs!


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Rigs Delhi re wind would bring to the Sloan is great the follow that all paid and Linda. Very good lord yeah hour. The only person who loves the national more than Alley is my father again I'm not lying in all my dad loves the best that I let's get to Amanda what do we think of last night's episode. Well they have got a group states of course the date card look at a state vs twelve girls. Knowing how to. Here diverted rider what's that they're a little bit of skin goes. Flanked out Korean of course the aggressive ones from we talked about yesterday just pop off its slow yell at everybody. Moderates I wrote about her and my blog and I just was so bad for her because she's so cute she's so sorry but manage she. Trying to wait to Margaret her sexuality to win his attention like she can't she's trying so hard to get the tensions and she's just using sacks so yeah so yeah going far. Did you superior up everybody out of the show. But Arnold. It. Should quietly coming interrupted her insurers are apply yeah that's just idiots. Your favorite who would you like I don't have like a hundred women on the bachelor stealth yeah but who do you think you guys isn't the one of their biggest contenders. All I am right now both sides Daniel M from Germantown was probably five or six last week she believed. Everybody right now she's one or two with career and in my opinion and you my personal favorite and their whole work different sort both blonde of course but yeah. That likes to secretive about their exposing herself. Danielle is like this really educated woman she's got got a great career in the neonatal. I'm Smart I will mess things hurt a secret top off clunky. No no I love your dad talks about her laughter. Yeah. He wrote up my FaceBook which is so true jazz opera exists. It's a guy's locker shot nick and a girl in Germantown Daniel we're gonna be on the bachelor why did just joined gender. I. Thought a bachelor to me and I national TV. I think you are rendered out why that's true resurrect it still to wage in any way to many checks right now like I'm ready and it kind of lose that's just getting the best part of the end he when he discovered that check candidate we know our name there's a well. Actually lands for me. Senate up for you to slept with him at a wedding okay. Friend or husband she's friends and Jane tanner from bachelor paradise. As she was the maid of honor Nicklas at the wedding they had a one night stand up quickly changes into people just you can't own an G-8 the president tanner is a personal game it's an island mental error there aren't usually aren't paradise steered clear. That's Steinberg got. Married and then it discourages chick at the wedding she asked her number and she said no your Playboy and then. Disappeared and then all of a sudden showed up on the bachelor saying what I was thinking yeah. Maybe we can get to know each other. All of your two tier for TV. Congrats to drop. The. It was during the yet. They have a group to that have been suburban roots date to protect his second trip it was called the break up and she basically unloaded about you know. And the everything yet exactly unload everything so he probably had to confess although she article one of the girls earlier. That they had the I had a one night and it's you know than a month statement only body but you know we're gonna. The girl and told neck and everybody around them and we all want. For you know our our. There probably is let's leave is. It's like winning into it thinking I'm more important and every one. Slept with them we already have a deep connection and everyone and we end up getting cliff or because she does she's such idiots out I landed up next door hit you in the ass the cliffhanger for what for next week at the end zone as flat. This is a limo and president. They. Handed out no rose last night's was trying to end it right there are little dogs. I'm he handled that right because she's gone but it was not much talked about who relative lives going forward but the talk I think it's gonna happen coming up is going to be between Korea and and that's a Danielle scoreboard most are going to be competing in this could be injured and see who really comes out on how I see my stable we'll do much better because you never know. It's gonna get cut I think she's in these scenes Horry doesn't her she does do as the Romans right to sleep at some damn yeah and I don't know if they actually do or not. They don't we don't know well it would have been no matter what our issues. She's drama about keeper that's yeah absolutely. Nice that you just sitting in this is my dad and Al. Recapping the basket from last night's. How do Mondays and Tuesdays in alleys bashed the blog is of the model 37 kiss FM dot com yes I interact and engage with the dare not dad thanks for coming on this morning. There are. Shiites in the inning yeah Riggs an Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.