Baby Showers for Dads?

Wednesday, March 16th


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So Witten who put these women have their babies they have their baby shower right murdered women have The Daily Show or it's always for the women but do you hear the trend now is guys having baby showers. Baby showers for dads the calling him Dantzler parties. He visited there since he withdrew his dad Schiller parties DAD. Where the guys are getting together and there have been making guys time and they have like. And the diaper on the baby in the given like a guy stuff is this like I think that he wouldn't partake in Dantzler parties. Should guys get. Baby showers I think sometimes so another reason why not. Now as I had to defend it and say that they shouldn't get them so I think in the shadow things and all that should have. Baby showers and less a woman wants to call and disagree right now it's 4147991037. Or maybe back in anything the guy should have maybe baby showers well. Leslie Michelle I went to it was a couple baby shower OK and that makes sense. They're both there and everything's sort of maybe so when Sidney for the David Wright I think for a first time dad went up to Roma bachelor party. A massive party ferns and maybe the dads are putting the best with how does meant to say that's a good. I don't know what hitting at a strip club or anything like that. And that she go to this ship delivering a baby Bjorn and you have a fake baby or did addition to profess is ridiculous like a baby good morning kiss FM newsdesk. Tally and we think led to bash the parties for dads. Oh I think it's awesome idea that they did that and it would just let stay for a party was hiding. Yeah act guys that wanna go to the you know target and get little out that stuff goes like this spring a tactic say prayers and have them be here and have some burgers I don't like up barbecue opt out. I'll can. Where do you were silent then and everything you have a baby showers well. I act. You guys double dipped and I sensed little lingering don't yeah they're perfect they should not appreciated Kristen Kristen Kristen. Kristen. He had a dollar near men and that's the parting her. Exactly. On it but I really felt they asked their fault they called it at that are part or all of the guys. That there aren't accurate in the Catholic they all had to bring the papers and. She stepped entities and their work out that's a good rules Susan good birdie did you have a that I didn't said the and a couple the woman Helen as well. He's a lot. The thing to do now thanks for college Christen Shannon and heart surged. Dad slip parties baby showers for dads you Ford or against it. And only sport we have like a coal I've got there are collecting eighty. I am party. Whip the husband got comments like dot com and there are really aren't aimed at killing. Speedy but hopefully your complete that I we have with the money that. And got that that would I pictured here after the super fine. Nice and they get drunk or other deal and it's. Your last big hurrah before dating. Sales leader who has dual beer and I was the indictment as to exactly how about your game. You learn in view of him dizzy journal bringing case and he does is that that's that's a shot.