Are Cliques in School Still A Thing?

Wednesday, January 3rd

Back in the day, school was full a bunch of different cliques. There were the jocks, the preppy kids, the stoners...just to name a few. Are cliques still a thing in school nowadays? Enjoy this eye-opening conversation.


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This is a week's finale rewind so we we end this discussion yesterday about the clicks that happen in high school to his back and I'll and when Guinness and I were a nice. He had just a couple of Ingrid strength we add like jocks of course we had. Think the skaters who was a big Clinton and all the kids are always on their skateboards the Smart kids doors we called the nerds nerds king and another of England. There's this donors of course all the kids they just don't know all the time yup those ones so it brought one of our interns to know Crist when did you graduate. 20122012. And you went to Lake Geneva yeah well on big foot high school I'll comic got a good. Think we Europe mass got a SaaS watched by chance to sit chieftains. It was a little wooden Indian that was achieved it's drizzling like chieftain now camp there. Library went the other way yeah CNET and your high school then did I have any in the Sheila. I don't think look at times there's like the farmers. People SSA and then everybody down that like for Rachel future farmers of America. Files and all my god it's literally the farmers vs everyone else yes that's. I mean they should be O Letterman should be included but like the plumber or as together in there like. Hated everybody to haul that's not funny I did they just like and they smoked cigarettes solace and a hitter. Rich yeah. Farmers are smokers so like said the my vice principal to Keisel hosted at the time everybody did what the clicks in your eyes go with a 79910370. Collins join united. We also had to go and what click where UN rigs and we're all part of a plea which former you'll part of I was in that kind of the nerd slack I was. Class clown group tilt gas I was Allah the one that was like always causing a ruckus in class trying to make people laughing always getting kicked out of class NASA said in the hallway. That at that and knows that a parent phone calls that was the clown bow like it was a class clown group Democrat and I was and what I you givens vocal group for UN I was in like the party animals leads over the drunk guys that don't. I was one of the drunk guys I would come and high school a lot of time still lit the night before and it always had lupus stashed in my locker case I had to run anywhere and you know do any business during the day. We haven't cola co the Lancaster isn't our high school don't gangsters and it with a wink steers there are all the white kids that lived in the suburb. One of the vita gangster kids they would like Eugene Eugene and I went ahead. And they thought that they were soul like hardcore gangster but no they weren't because they were all driving like grand ams and mustang Camaro is literally death. We had a single we got from the preppy thugs the preppy I see the almighty god crabs we had a press two and a preppy people don't always what Abercrombie and agent Hollister yes we called them gangster from the exit out of there's always going to be oh my god they're column gangster comedy there's probably enough to just a quick review interest and I'm I'm farmers than on farmers opposed it. Q&A few of the non farm just me 7:9 am one of 3:7 in the morning kiss FMQ column about the Clinton your high school. What was your clink. I don't get it in the script by Alec a few different click. That. But jock be at the daughter and I are bought arch Elliot are really against almost actual am I can go to the ball now and get help while. Different it is a much better now. Ali is that what I was gonna say what it to have like an offensive name for them back in the day. That the column don't sit in I don't. It that was actually. Probably pretty happily. Can I. Tell. Would you say it's better now like people are finally accepting of them backed them today. And it dean I have one daughter that's very popular at jobs that let art group she got the don't have an Arab virtue. I just don't hear us. It's funny when you are the hegemonic I don't. Nowadays we have that gender and true all the jury I have one daughter part of that alliance are at or not. Nice it's just I mean think Eric thought that they don't care what color and there's school. Here are your gender. IT of minutes pedestal clapped yeah that. A loser artists with more accepting of things like that absolute that's awesome let's get another. Absolutely amazed and our generation as but it ain't the only act. And I distill clicks nowadays that they like they get along and I just like we had back in the back of my daylight. The high school cliques daylight they fought combat by American matters traps in the nerds installing it and hang out the much hated each others like Paul for the ten. Berry or little dark and the thought they had that all they got checked it a little while but I thought. Pottery art out and it out there aren't sure that they'll do it actually worked Bonser saw that as yet that the thought. Good no all the way to be so much more advanced is so much more accepting of people as they get older that's gonna meet a much better adults and in the future self. Process that I call. Laid it back in 98 cash and I thought they played ball. I undergraduate at Eric if there are. Com and CNET news senior school come first full circle now which is cool. These are. There was you know again. Teresa thanks for column Patricia you listen this morning happy new year. Alomar call from Britney in Delmon pretty well over the clicks he worked hard and high school. I ethnic Islamic comment. We're at we're actually at a meeting with your interns score off. 010. All you read in these generals like guests told television takes what you guys were rivals rivals yet. Yeah really right on why and why the rivalry. No we weren't just like with it and I'll tell what really like a second we can he mend the fence here can be officially had a meeting of the minds are we come together as one and squash the rivalry right now as they know that LS. Until the until football season and I don't know about. Right exactly headaches are gone for you listen. And I. Let's just. I what are the farmer a thing. And please that is totally real quick what makes it all and there are rigid albeit tractor in the parking lot. And dominant like oh it striker actor or. Oh my god here's what it is a real face are real and they urge all. Act. Yeah. Isn't on there and in there that we're also the drag your taxes school kids that's fantastic port of el arc. But this is valid. And not a I'm. They British dish or call this morning what are you isn't having their cynically they still do exist I'll still exists it's one of three point seven kiss FM. 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