Alley - World's Okayest Mom Moments

Monday, October 23rd

Somehow, Alley passed a background check and was allowed to go on her son Owen's field trip to the park. The experience was full of moments that made her realize she really IS #WorldsOkayestMom


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. You trying to hash tag world's OK it's mom that's me okay all right now on Friday I guess who got approved again. For a field trip with a back card check open my W. Democrats. Background check should he volunteer your kids' school when. Say god you right or. But the child molester I volunteer nobody knew right to throw things out folks I appreciate the background check moon so somehow I haptic I think I just showed up nobody really tough. I don't I thought I submitted it on line and walked yeah. And wanted to teachers the school is out here of the year for ice still trying to put your head held high. All of us here record head to mirrored Elijah. Like Ambrose until trips we want to apart. With a literal feels revenue into the fairway and you know art and it's exciting okay Vannatter did elementary school they earn this field trip doing whatever else. Cash so don't funnies part of the story wise ticket to our future it's simple we want to. The parking lot back. At the park. To school had monkey Joseph from Joe's got the job play gas and negotiate about Scott did speaker out of my girl yeah. Everything senator apart is watching you know the kids like it. You know like this guy's genius to being Arab you know promoting their visits for kindergartners. Let. There was somebody with them and teach Arnold is a man or woman inside the cost him. And the person who was helping monkey Joseph turned around on the assistant yeah yeah it's it's it should look over does this is deeply pa. And I think it should stick to monkey juridical. A I. I could watch this all day more defenseless mask actually CEO. It's got to be the worst are the worst ever would be a restaurant I see it happening kids doing gives you Latin. And pull you down it is figure big debate on the personally had anything. Get away with Eminem rap. You know rattling around you literally shaking monkey that monkey see monkey joins a concussion on a highly. Am so disappointed and you Alley and I got a group or background check why what about you are. I've got that we don't know you lied about regular I don't know exactly you watched it happen Monty show. How are you break out your phone number. Now I ask you later saw a couple thoughtful. Literally not do anything he needs. And I went to chaperones for field trip and when I saw the mascot getting beat up I sat there and did not make. Come up and what are they were okay let's not yes. They didn't think that doing nothing yeah. This is so well below. You're such an okay amount. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.