Alley - Which Store Has Completely Changed?!

Wednesday, June 13th

Alley took a trip to a store for the first time in a long time and discovered they've completely changed everything around......and it's AWESOME!

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This is a an Alley rewind stores changing now where were we and so jar I gotta tell you I knew they were changing these I had not want him to Hamburg and. Tom I went into target. Holy crap given Bennett targeted have a lot of oh dear guys all the because I buy everything on. Com that's why girls forget outright and so target is expanding. We talked about this not getting smaller. Target has said we're gonna get bigger and what I've witnessed that. I was blown away so I'd go into the wind that was in the wind New Orleans right on moral and I could not leave today of what an entire. The major section is now it will click that make up section that like Austin sort out how it went like the seats in the benches and everything will I don't know their procedure makes is they're definitely people helping in the make up our. That's OK this is kind of different. And if so then I go through the rest of the store and shopping and get the things I need it target now I get to the back. The outdoor area now have that person backed merit ha. Like Wal-Mart would you go to Wal-Mart or old person in the patio section out of flowers is actually not target I don't does that flowers today actually somebody with a desk. The battle ready our doorstep and I was like oh I got targeted so different like I don't like too much like yeah. Professional and really are getting you're getting this expansion about why it's signs look different everything's different every green got everything this is permanent stuff that wasn't just a grand opening we have make the people here for the special thing today to target and you Burlington or for a long time now this is not a grand outstanding program like reopening a no there there redoing all the store I talked about that and I just didn't see for myself until I went there and I was like below because a lot of pace of the re doing and they're having grand reopening so yes they can say is their revamping Eminem -- grand reopening the -- and a lot different I thought even the -- clothes were a lot different I was like a lot of places are two questions what you had me at target he asks what he's. You go into target for yes what did you tell Alice. I kind of pleasant way realistic and when I went in score because that last. I waited for her but today needs earrings. Yeah Bagger a personal note that I can't what do I come out west. Earrings are part of your couch. And now that's some betting some towels and look. Toilet Serena why now all he. I might coming out with them to school and price hit a washer dryer combo I generally came out waves. Goldfish I Vanilla cupcakes to be exact reason and archer farms snack mixes in particular had a Vanilla cupcakes. Tarnished target brand name targets of his Graham. The Vanilla cupcake rang I had. It can goldfish is Ted Dottie for him designed to. Get a pizza goldfish now or whenever. That hasn't out they would have slightly Clinton's it put the Orioles now goldfish at like a hot and yet they have got a treacherous farm goldfish grim Vanilla cupcake red. The united target I'll let my guy is so good that eating dessert. How accurate reading I'm so hungry and suddenly now bring in India odd man. But it isn't different at any fuel to text seven on a 37 to discuss the ice is gone latest signs are different that may very real negotiating manner at a roll with the changes that RG Amazon's daily tick under the store they had to make it worth your while they're gonna make it you know inside they definitely have a lot more going on and I like I needed more to be going on our hands and just went wide. Reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.