Alley - WHICH Celebrity Was In Hartford?!?

Thursday, July 12th

A listener shared a photo with Alley that allegedly showed a MAJOR A-lister hanging out in Hartford! Who was it!? Was it real?! Listen here!

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An Alley relaxed. In case you missed it the first time and a three point seven kiss FM it's Riggs and Elliott I don't believe the Ryan Reynolds was and hard for a total. And only pay far right let me tell you this story are you ready all and I hope by the way let's take eloquent five right now 79910372. Hotel Transylvania three yeah. Party Sunday with Allen 7991 LT seven college 25 good. OK so now investigator Alley FBI Alley is on it dude are you ready for me to tell you exactly what happened yes OK so here's the deal I'll I'll start my snatch I was playing in the back. They're bigger our allies our cell. Yesterday we get a message on the kiss face tanking. AM it is this listener Sarah right. And she says hey guys I batter restaurant in Hartford and I think that's why it reveled sitting behind me. The park and you know it's said he can't look Greeley weld a picture and lightweight. K I get right over the harbor right out how high regard for right now I don't give it barely abandon their children at home I don't. Our prize check it out so I thought. We go and I'm sorry token of his listeners Erin she's like this you know we're eating. Is it is she not it helps her and we seem to think were right Ryan Reynolds does and she's the picture and it looks completely. You know looks just like Reynolds but it profile does that really. She said he came and it really really sort of got it satellite him it looked like him and she said. He was with too many easy like assistant types and then they ordered a bunch of expensive food. And and that was issue was and she does but I didn't say think of Beirut look like they wanna be. Gathered so the problem was we had a profile pictures we like is this right Reynolds and harper are not yet had. And everyone's going away no way away instantly and it's neat picture from like behind and I oppose the picture geez it yes the picture on our FaceBook Debra yeah. It's everywhere attack comes less just Milwaukee Ngo so do you ever look at this picture and I think it's a dead. Right Reynolds and I apparent why you can tell he's locked shares it gives everything's like Cisco. It's didn't do anything it's a free can double hangar okay well there Ivan update Erie bolt meant to you whether at what I what happened okay so here's the deal. So Mike is his right Reynolds is this right Reynolds. So then I had posted on my FaceBook to console this girl comes on my FaceBook and how shall harper over sharing it why not again this line and read all video and see right. Is Harvard does not a longshot okay now okay so yeah. Pretty hot spot somebody or what got an art it's hysterical. It is possible because I regret that the the emails gore was filled at Milwaukee's amount. Ryan Reynolds Ethier for that now and then you know we have movies filmed here all the time to this out of what ever. So somebody at my FaceBook Lisa sheared it. And some girl claimed she knows this guy and works with him quite faltered this is the real guy and it's not right rebels and Hartford and still asleep at the sky I. Yeah yeah excellent amateur. I guess if it's not. Right Reynolds that if the double game and we did writer Harold Reynolds. Swear to god seriously it's so I would've looked at any message the girl who claims she works with the was not Ryan Reynolds and I am waiting to hear back. I want her to tell me exactly the guy is like and see the guy yeah. Check get a confirmation I reach out to the restaurant they have not written me back rise so I'm like OK okay because I say that lightly last night. Saying hell no it's not Ryan Reynolds. I I don't know strikingly similar to him but I'm still skeptical until I sees improve a little more economic picture and that picture we have tropics I am not typical I'm convinced out of port of somebody's side by side Oregon and I don't like that how. Has to be and it. I was I saw him. What are you out do you guys what makes this one different is that Ryan Reynolds. When his hairline comes around right this temple wrecked his forehead his hairline. How would point to as little line you can tell very dizzying debt in concealing receding hairline and the from a easy not bad like McDonald yeah balding but he's definitely lost little bit him this site profiler Brian Reynolds in the proposal was. Yeah and then pull open one now and you'll see he has lost a little bit hair by the top and so it's a little bit more distinct but I said it's creepy how he would do exactly. Sticking out like here. I mean is everywhere so I. Harper everyone's saying no way. I say surely the surely the dude whoever I just know this guy that looks like right rant and everyone was saying no when it was being diesel and guess what they were getting ready in the let's jam. True to people I said first of all. The listener who sent us Sarah what they're okay she does sitting nexus guy yeah you're sure to tell somebody that right Reynolds and Mike but she was there so. Exactly validate me. No it. Was signed if you know anything caller tax. Sentinel and attend Texas seven and a 37 when he got there and no responded with someone said first big diesel Ben Ryan Reynolds I'm moving Hartford actually I had a Hartford yeah. Products and Hartford Hollywood heart American rigs and now it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and won three settings you set them dot com.