Alley Vs. The Sock Stealer

Monday, April 16th

Alley is being tortured by a terrorist! Some magical creature keeps stealing ONE of every pair of her socks and now none of them match! What's up with that?!?!


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This is a week's finale rewind what everybody's got to get September exactly where did pago. Where do they go get amends to their home I don't know it's not let's hope offer. It turns are so hot mad about this too they came and. Well what do you say you've got to tackle I just bought a ten pack of Daisy Fuentes Sox marshals and I'm down to four pairs are. You exit well where do they they got a you know I got in Evian she's like I can't find any your kids off. They're but I don't get it. Six the only seasonal he's an all weekend look good for stocks that by the way had put away there's no pants and their boots right. That away mojo so I get everything out and I found. Like five pairs of socks item about it. They're like. You don't look at behind the dryer sheets always made my answer early he's there. I'll also look I don't think she's Irish. They are the general what is. I didn't sleeves of your shirts also can't play this sometimes they slide a mayor had no no no no. Meld with the Sox I don't know you know they sheet and it's exactly were they go where the soccer monster rally here we don't know what you do your socks in the wash this'll saw monster comes up out of nowhere out of the bottom of your floor and he takes just one of each and and you sit there or near full your laundry you had your socks here that aren't written to the one match yeah I think you have. We'll have not you know I know laundry done and you're like where's the Mac just inside monster. You worried about you born socks with sandals no we can do that in order they can't fighter yeah I don't worry yeah. Some frustrated hurried solo album rigs in LA it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.