Alley - Stuck on Stranger Things 2

Tuesday, November 7th

Alley used an unexpected day off to binge-watch Season 2 of Stranger Things and now she's obsessed!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. Hey good morning it's regs an Alley and one of three point seven kiss FM what's up right now and I are right so I was not here yesterday because my nanny was sick which Matt I was home and I. My kids to skill that I find out why. During the four year old what do I do all they have out of routine so you know what I did I don't know much stranger things to. How alone if you think they are okay mom right here DEA that's. The dvd. And when you started season to dig deep view an option to have been a little recap of season one no and I'll get. I think as you tell me there was a recap but I never thought might happen once it was an election I'm iPad app had said recaps seasonal one it was like fourth half minutes on I was gonna rate. I did call you out of that because I didn't know recap I was frustrated I couldn't find it again because I try to get it again to watch with my life for. A lot and now it's hard to come out because I'm on exquisite episode four or five man is again and again this story of trying to understand what's gonna happen and a is it is good so I've been stranger things I can knock it over the details of the eighties and stuff. They made things really amazing the DJ LAM dubbed the oh back stuff with the music. You had a I think it's death in this season descends to me why I don't why yeah. He's hiding that thing but don't tell me I would just tell me this high I have just pets I had. And I had startle you know what I'm talking about Japan alliance its own search stranger things down I have been waiting for what even as the starter and I. Tonight without a doubt about it I'll take affront to finish because I'm dying to see what's gonna. Is out and I can I say not sure I understand what a lovely addition you've been so oh my god he's oh he's king haven't gotten. And charity are yeah. Very big characters aren't going home today and watch how. I'm bass did it you don't know shot nasty you know shot NASA has you don't even think duty he's huge. Yeah but if you grew up when leaguer you know who shot math and and in the eighties new because it yeah like putting Winona Ryder and an eighty's move Vietnam like it is totally. And they did that was Sean Aston calculus and asked that we to get to the end it's the the end to tell me the bad and I tell you gauge shell. I got a guy's father and give back guy. I'm one of our west and now I'm. On my laptop right now on Netflix Thursday he knew the overview episodes or trailers and more yeah if you click trailers and more there's a stranger things recap that would have left for a minute there and spoke and that's in his last season. Now it's yeah he's already received and it's I. I've been to us like myself yeah I can find us policy innings to everything in the heat season I had I had to dig in and it's rimmed out Amanda writes I was in a stranger thank you guys please is that when I know what you think in the end yeah. I don't know what happens a shot master rich and what you think. Riggs and Elliott Greg Kelly weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.