Alley - #StrawberryGate2018

Monday, June 18th

Everyone loves picking strawberries, right? Not exactly. Which member of the show hates this lovely activity, making them a total Communist?! All the answers are here!

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This is a week's finale rewind I'd like to introduce you to hash tags strawberry gate 2018 law. Let me introduce you every one today yeah today begins the first game you can pick strawberries at one of the vocal farms. I was so excited that could take my kids to pick strawberries and had a fun activity for children. Run them through a random field get some strawberries slowed a little toll at 8 am it's well it just in Malaysia PR. My parade if you know what I'm setting. I'm talking about how excited I am for strawberry season and we eagle strawberry picking it this. How did yours like. It's stupid server or making stupid gun store advice sound like you what you're Communists I had just like strawberry picking you know apple picking duke rallied for lazy person you sure are doing a lot of work in America. Race for the do any work. My kids busy for well. You go to the dog bark. Yeah yeah with a child regs betrayed you don't have any say you're clueless to being a parent you actually have to go places and where the mount now. On his web spam didn't you say don't just sit home and get tired and I just listening to get my treadmill and a month and a treadmill know how. That's right we'll. The tour is well ribbing for food okay I'm no matter how I just don't think it's fair for meeting going to have to do the farmers worked. You're not just like apple taking what it yeah amen open. Mechanic shop come out and fix your own car and pay me money to fix your own car however that it eliminated strawberry picking 7137. I -- I answered critics tour it's okay what teams physically and emotionally and mentally get out of going into the store and just grabbing strawberries and are nothing you're gonna get the strawberry but there's no story behind it there's no experience silly when you hop in the car and you drive reopened just the right placed a ticker strawberries and then it got there together and you haven't experienced together with either your significant or your kid call they saw bonding experience it's an even talk about if you become a tradition Riggs is something you can do you just don't want to Bynum -- session to cancel no no and the perfect match a strawberry is Marty nine point. You I used to be that you that gives them more watch the marshals sat for you'll see why can't I knew how much you miss out lied about having children and I genuinely be action you're like strawberry piggy that's stupid that's experience than ever what I had that can't honestly when some guy to me they're on a date and no happy boring golf Leo can't live without guns to. I've been fibers are gonna be extra food but you won't you'll look at little version of yourself telling you to bleep off now. I'm just raise cattle over themselves from the bully Buffett's and is technically 85 forward. I'll play golf I don't like I hate Alley plea but I had -- hello I was mad that. And I don't rigs are going to pick strawberries is afraid I Communist economy gates when he needs a hail mother Russian man. I just got your cries out. And I'm I'm I'm really personality it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.