Alley - Slow Down, Gibbons!

Thursday, February 22nd

Alley's had ENOUGH with Gibbons and how he's always "in love". He says things are different this time. We've all heard this one before!!!!


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This is a big smelly rewind tallies accident I had. I was not sick to my son was sick. So they like this sickness going around every other days when I'm over it. But I don't care about that I wanna know what the hell happened when I was not given to did you get the dog or not I had. See what I miss (%expletive) this is oh yeah yesterday I was like no I'm not even know but what the update is did given his. Actually was he doubted us to go to second doctor I don't know that I had made the entire list of pros and cons only was the hell yeah listening now brown not frozen continent so what we had had more. There were more pros because I mean there'd be more pros of course the miles well the titles pick. Models on big step for a very Valium and Eddie Sawyer made this list would need all this but without asking my building if I'm allowed to have a second. The minute I asked early. These can have a second obviously can't have a second dominoes would lose. Glen MacNow relapsed after I waited I've waited after should ask first I didn't isn't stupid even try to beat him at the masters that said twenty pounds you know less than he was like both killer only weighs eleven I was a little while I hold on the other one. Look at up to twenty pounds. Given is you're really gonna get a second out of your building right here you'll really an idiot and Kelly yeah you're. With us today ask you. Course I didn't had I just can't sit in and everything that we cover your eyes on it why we're having I had. Didn't hear like me who my dog killer my one dog killer I think he's he's he's lonely I'm never home now he's lonely I would give him somebody to play you list. And now I can tell you would almost certainty when my lease is up and I move out of Michael you know one in October. I'm probably and get another job of course he's going to be iron into as a movie with your girl burner I probably don't I. With the first shift to handle. We are different than yeah. I. Don't put your that we were worried you're limited. Pattern Gibbons called yesterday here are your nickname captain BI captain bad idea. Cool I like he. Unions are calling an eating get a chance to call my. Alice of Augusta and that idea. And that it is did I don't see it only because he wasn't allowed to get adopt map because it was just a bad idea now that I'm Justin please please please let happen and they said no no no happy even Bernard tournament moving to get it online 100%. That idea I'm in recent. Years. We've been. What are you attracted to make it sound given exclusive superior. Any part of Georgia moving in together. Did you cut do you want her kids how how old man. He's committed he's like the head first edition of the defense that is ninety said yet he was with the other chick do. Yes tonight's shot makes you step outside yourself. I would ask you are going to be your relationship Ali what do you doing a huge matter. There isn't a job moving in with a sterling yeah yeah yeah what we're not being mean tomorrow we're talking like nine months down lime and actually we just heard. A 100%. Yes you and I didn't tell you guys I talked earlier about talking. My girlfriends daughters spot kindergarten class so good you scared I do. I I signed the kid out of school early with my girlfriend commission. I actually let you do that yes they did she pleaded with the school so that was all held I took the kid home to my girlfriend's apartment and eighty separate three hours micro from is that working it was me and her daughter. Hanging out with a host hash tag all of that tell. In the skies shooter eggs he's deep he's in rarity for you always indeed he's madly I know everyone and not try to take away from his new girlfriend seems to be really nice I'm just saying. Every one he's got up movement within marry within the first six months. With the anniversary wish you ask. Here after an arrow as you play getaway broke drop down my idea of moving with over six aren't so this is leak and deal parents Debra and presence than himself as 101. This is a different situation yeah ha I treat everything as a a come a first come first served in the case by case basis. You're gonna move in with the first one that's how much you're kind of value are part that's even existed before has that we saw its Bada plays all. That way. You're gonna put you remember they did. Figured later but that's why we're waiting that's what yeah. Didn't think I'm moving in together did we move in together and the only other person to. Yeah. We shot there. Are we are not meet. We do much to us a year otherwise even try to gather enough to write to be here and I just sitting here listening to guess tied for the and entertainment events is the fact that he's like twisting and what they. October I wish you guys knew me before I moved to exist is the total opposite with the relationship stuff everything I've ever done in the thirty years of existence you were always anti moving in anti yup and exciting with the entire religions and ideas that these relationships and I think ready to marry he's grown up now I am that's what is. I think I'm sure yeah. One with someone that a year later did not want to. Got about I mean you've grown up he's got to play the surrogate next week. We'll spoiler alert given to have a more can't. Ensure your relationship looks. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.