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Wednesday, May 16th

OMG!!!! Is there any justice better than catching a cheater in the act and calling him out to his wife?! Check out what happened with Alley's sister and her "mystery man".


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This is rigs and Ali rewind monetary point seven kiss FM it's rigs and now. It's a major shock or trauma dude it's it's so you're sisters at the supper and this is my big sister. She is eight years old enemy yeah 240 small single young beautiful. Smart yeah principal of an elementary school yeah no kids now. Time to wait for some guy to snatch your rap yeah yeah well welcome duke city baby home. Lieberman might. There have been dating guide for over a year now I have always thought he was married it's okay. Is that a little sketchy like he'd out the gone for allow animal caller for awhile or they meet up. Yeah let me just back track they need on my idea. And they go one day down. These are seen each other but here's the thing about the guy. He's very BC's. He's not only is that he's always out of the country Atlanta's Greg he's in the military. Air force to back that he's in the airports according to him he's high up in the air force he's very important question. It was like a red flag hung like making your sounds results are exciting. So he tells all these things he's the country's secret mission and you need that North Korea I think he's down the street. Did she know that I can she lives in California yeah I don't know this I only see a couple pictures or take. In a damn what gives them the benefit of the doubt that you don't want to see her get hurt you. And if she doesn't like to kill the guy to play fast forward now. So she this guy had been set a line I've had a talent and in the air force and I'm I'm deployed right now it is not why Hillary is deployed not to play it takes to win and he played I can't tell you because it's top secret wit to fly somewhere else and it was like so crazy Erica. The military I don't care. Everybody can keep these things like an in my phone at work what caught my sister did Buddha that their Food Network now and it's like that's that's an old school aren't totally yours. A lot of things I just what the brightest up and she's like no I really believe MMX Smartphone like OK do you think he's telling the truth then you're in a real isn't the Jerry yeah. Hell you know what I but other thing is certain to grocer. Whole goal. Ma'am go sit stare. People do you know what happened you have a duty Mexicali. You know I am crazy you know when you don't mess with now he's getting pretty good. All I should be the FBI. After everything I've uncovered PX view that this guy single mama FaceBook and diligently in the F I. The look at Google that I can tell I literally how we did not light about his name. Yeah you didn't I might just with this dating he's this thing was Chris finch as he art is by the Christiane just some like. I never doubt his name Intel. Really want. What did genius my sister is this guy goes up or go search to doubt his license plate off. Arabs know yeah she Jennifer and it was a cup run it yeah well we found out if that's not Israel and not Israel may. That's not where he lives he lied about the city. Sell. The my sister gives me the name sometimes you know me I get people coming. Outdated business and you guys that are is important to do it did weeks. Weeks I have been looking for the sky and I have been stressed out I had been ready to kill him could go to my sister yeah he meetings. Hell why can't I do I was gonna find here. He was gonna pay and now. Oh yeah. He's very. Very good chance bush uses I try to do is look at the life weren't like this is our founders name new. I knew his age he would lie about all these other things so we literally you know we knew only they sure in the play. Only this kid he. With the city and the name looks Vanilla and found his wife behind a counter mate may you all heard. Is secure the Internet everything's on the Internet now days and on strategy and anybody. So I started the white front could not leave town I only started by accident everything had been on tactics try to alternates and California. And it pops up all I can anyone and it stays that it'll pop up like posts with other people. I literally almost pure question is pictured this guy and his wife and kids yeah have been dating her sister friend undeniable line and hit the life and a profile. Pictures of the wedding picture always. Itself. I and freaky guy so I call my sister is they are you alone are you sitting down I found his wife pockets still cadets to. Don't know if so why if I don't think so oh man. And I invite girl I was I told my sister Mike she may agree he's not a recent ally. Right right no we just goes to town for months at a time they're deployed in get colony Y yeah right so you found a bunch of stuff from last night at Texas well no so my sister. Search texting and says oh you think you're gonna go see. Okay. I don't Weis I know about your kit. I know where you live quite right sister went nuts on my god that he usually ignore your first and she said I know you're human daughter he immediately. Calder. But the these kids right. So long story short she finally. Said that the guy I know Mary I know you have a kid I know where do you bleep bleep bleep. Kept ignoring her ghosting her all the sudden he calls yesterday cutting their right now to a house all your house. California no. We don't see it now yeah he's raising your house because she knows he has a wife Cheri Matthews the white on FaceBook. I issue this is the white tie idol is his sister is well. It sure is on he's a decent panic not out of it Fleury can act yes so he showed my sister my caught certain. I got every right now I know. Literally caught or kill you because you beat your you know with. But you're gonna tell wife yeah pleasant and everything we know you don't know I could be serial killer he's just about Internet all the time so I call a desperate Michelle I think. What are her out of it now your sister's best friend my sister's best for drives over she takes pictures of his car in the driveway I. I call my sisters should be on speaker phone right now. The guy who do you check name is Daniel stood listening Daniel. I have pictures you outside impede any house. I know you're very you know I'm the finger yeah. And I swear you feel to deal with me and the cops and said he was against man yes man yes yeah yeah the guy that was an America that yes he got as he should be. It is serial killer did not know this guy at all this stuff. He leaves he tells her bunch of crap I think it's all crap to ignore him you know he's telling her oh I'm sorry global elites. She talks to the wife the wife is the white friendly gets hold of her and says okay. I got your message and to reach that my sister said of course we can chat lists I'm so sorry I didn't know what he was married I apologize I'm blind sided by I realize you'll probably the child. It's just happened in my sister and she said she's still like cried out about what I went through yet to be on. Are listening to like her talk about her sister being cheated at all. Her husband he's doing it is disgusting. So. Here's all the things he lied about which like you're less yes when I just got our my sister done everything from his wife. This is not active duty in the military or. He's the reserves he was never out of the country. You've ever deployed just there is okay and he had not flying in the country as I said the kids he told he couldn't call or is he was due to. He's cheated on the wife before he was a crew chief so we would make up stuff and he's an ally GM not the weak sister saw him where the weakened he was there for reserves. I. Are you putting a lot of guys. It or not they live about an hour and a half away. Com that they of course have Wi-Fi computers and they're deployed which is what he told her he was on the secret missions he couldn't which I thought I was bunch of crap yeah spot. He lives on the base when he's they're not someone else's house which is what he told you deployed all the time in the and other people just they own original house demonstrate for my sister. All the Ottawa so they let Howard apple waited because she's been dating. He's married educator we found out at him and his wife of a rental house on the street yeah. He told his wife he only needed attention that my sister not thing. He's surely. Activated at the time he was not sick or TR which she told her when he's at one time I he wasn't in Vegas for Easter which he told her. He is Colombian which was true the one thing that was strokes he went to Disneyland when he got back but not with his dad more on his uncle he was in his life and kitten now I needle very deleted email addresses profiler my sister madam. That was a light. The white that's my sister to send text. So I sensors and a new pick up a little while still active. It's. Problem. And then do we found his real name. He lied about a friend who died during deployment you'd like that on to say can he get fired for something yes so I don't know the whole story but I know that. I don't know what about the military you can always call in 7991 does in Arlington Texas at my military difference he can be fired for something like ten years we've got a text that said quote he's direct violation of the stolen valor act that as a loser and I'll look to validate anything. Now it Dolan now. What I did so what is the stolen valor is a law that makes the federal crime to make for personal fraudulently claim had received a dollar awards but the fight the actual. Other military service this guy has lied about that he can not only sitting job city I don't know these kind of how horrible I don't know about that but he deadly lied about a lot of stuff. Joked I'm over that. Look real so anyway I know that my sister who just shut up the skies and sheeting honor I cheating monarchy even cheating on his wife with my sister asks us. Don't priceless ending this morning in California she's so I just wanna say girlfriend I am here yet to really eat meat and I'm sorry your husband the duke shot out of the father or your child to be summertime was gone you got 'cause I don't know my sister Dikembe. My kids we care. Yes I apologize my sister would never have an affair with a married man. Am writes this guys who do you shoot gonna put a picture of him out of punching bag you can putt deter darts at it it's going to be very lucky because I don't this picture on the Internet and winning on this guy because we knew he was lying about his name. I'd about it on viral yeah fiction plus we're Jeter over and now he's I think he's big enough. I think after my sister and her friends he got. I screwed at this point. Again the fact that you know which she told oh yeah. If you're the only one I've ever cheated when exactly told my sister yeah which you lied about all these things and it's the only one you've ever seen you with a lot. I don't do horses. Women out. We don't even know gamut of people calling about it and obviously not fascinated by the on my daughter I am and is certain wiring and her boyfriend I don't know letting what in particular component of what you should morning kiss FM possessed. Are you shocked as we are Jesus. I do not sleeping well is active in the rink or career. I'm and I I did a guy who I got a ring or when recruiting anyway it looked at Pennsylvania with him yeah I thought Eric. I'm keeping it I'm probably or Portland. You got. A neat little trip. I am not an idea that is quote the. Now and how you need to get it tells us give us suggest. Yeah I'm not Udall and marketing where that while. He got back my. Now. Should you leave so girlfriend that this guy was under when he was doing his reserves up on the weekends when he would go to C I says I. I mean them. At that. I leave it that. You upload it by ear but. Apple about it or adultery. I've got to think that might twice the reserves stood by the way all of port thanks easily using. Probably unfortunately it are very aware that that happened. Yeah rock. I agree I agree there's some culture in the military wouldn't. Eating and stuff that we that's everywhere now take priority and it has an island ferry where you're traveling around my dad and you have to deal like and you're meeting new PS. Stanley yes your away from your phone club hello old iron ten days for Solomon this guy got a profile online yes. They say they must address affixed horrific job and was like all of this was like if a song thing persons affects. Yeah good morning Baxter what do you think he was Florida's RSS. Protection Baxter Rivera protests. Picked up. Are you can be punished what's under what's called the UCL AJ uniform code of military justice which is what. Very military hours I would sensors seven years or deployment. Thank you for your service yes thank you. Well thank you could support a home. Basically. Our military has their own judicial sir are you miners. CN everything you seem so literary can be punished. Hate her so yeah a little. The military error and I hope we get the full extent. Yeah and you get that name that are doing good works or doesn't. Only in the name of these people and it's not political action and Cisco C and I didn't lead us. Yeah Leo yeah it doesn't want to. On the white puppets on FaceBook identities real name and my sister broke out as if your ever dating a guy Daschle right on the plate now with the only way we would ever known as remain every and the wait a cup with a copper on the plate. And I gotta tell you it was a conference agreed to who's in North Carolina for Brad. Scream great she goes you master degree great servers. I'll try my best friend does that tell should I got you I'll be back. Like do you need a lift to the unit what do you need Padilla worked his wife's name what's it like yesterday I think we really going great get Internet I was like yeah. And reminded of this great quote by this Alston politics. He didn't have that guy did doesn't agreed to my source system. It felt heartbroken yeah guys broke his wife's heart and you gotta fight real daughter with the speeds treating his daughter like she mocked. Oh speaking of shark I met a guy named Pete that was interesting and may say John schmuck yeah. And I know I rallied with Josh Hawkins shot. But I. Have a license oh no I don't like Josh block either. If they were shocked he showed me advice in that fire is not an awesome site and I beg you said she market so anything that you might miss this jerk. She's been dating and down and I found his wife on the Internet nick oh my god it's. Minus any part of this conversation in real limit now habitable flee into the store probably seven Josef and oh yeah and our on demand wolf will Sheridan finally engineer and believe so much rough so much. You're crazy Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.