Alley - Sick of Being One-Upped By Riggs

Friday, June 15th

Riggs sure loves to spoil the people who work on his house....and Alley is SICK OF IT!!! She keeps one-upping him!

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Makes an Alley re why dam one up or you know that I wish you were eggs I don't wanna do and while he's that's a better person than me I. And they I don't know what I did CN home. I also re sitting here are telling me this story given how these kids is when does he now installed from window or how. Freddie aren't the story gets you should somebody asked Joseph we really they really didn't think we did that they think we're just lying on commercials yes. Like -- really got new windows or oral cancer exams and cam Bala yesterday. Thursday and it was seven when dozens on the said why are you bringing in guys and out of town I said no organ windows astrology does really. And diuretics and that's the now three are all here I was getting it would does from when there were announced fantastic charity got mine so we all know the orders of dwindle to do. I don't know the guys that work for them because we both have done a lot of work for example to use them for Obama stop him only the tennis star of course my house is how we are they get all my windows so. Here's the point it starts telling me that he Sox to. Even yesterday. There are other body heat. And he's telling me yeah well like I didn't look cooler water I loved Gatorade like. Over the the next level where you taking zero outside while I think that is least get a ticket do for that he's working on your house so I'm. He won out at me now are gonna think I didn't get etc. I don't. Think about people who could Rick is the push more and more right. How does how good a hitter. Remember Joseph yeah I don't see where the guy I got out front you are not. Well I mean it's gonna benefit the most from this and the people who window world and now that I don't know what works and I'm not alleys indicator next time. How swords and probably your will be out there they bulldogs in my driveway like that and I have a man performing on a constant and I know now on minimum I think I'd. A full competition incidents really is I can out nicely. You gotta stay true to character raises the consummate over achiever enough birdies I am alleyway you have to do. I hear people. No I don't speaker it's okay and save all the anti gallons of milk from your kids drinking all the milk and the next time when no work to build. Billion gallons of water out there gallons of milk up with water but not water from like a tap water from your Leon noted your hose outside from. Another key when he heard he should go up there are new proposed water into gallons. It didn't judge gives city water. I don't think they are ready gave your supporters warriors right city water. That cup that might kick shoot on Nadal broke ground drink get down we'll. God his latest yeah yeah because I thought I had a great relationship of these people they tell me how he's serving them Gatorade. There's no water. I was do that people are working on my house I didn't want and I don't go Gatorade I've got to take knots yeah. Who bring them here next time. I dare put somebody on my house and this is the fact that I showed up to look like a dozen donuts on a Saturday August. Six that is very nice round throw this up I wouldn't my kids Avago beat doughnuts and bring him back yeah that was feel like it should be doing something a must still work on my house which is champagne fountain seriously. Wine bar got out I'd yeah. You all I knew what had zero and I still German American T Oklahoma one Dan Briggs immediately look better than. I don't know. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.