Alley - Riggs Cares About The Dumbest Stuff

Friday, November 17th

Alley doesn't get Riggs sometimes. He doesn't seem to care about a lot of things happening in the world, but is SUPER passionate about where people put stickers on their license plates. What a weirdo!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind Callahan you don't. I'm doing fantastic. Yes I have a bone to where you pick and owns a few rigs here along rarely and don't forget we are now. That's the way you'd like to keep my anti bullying post today. You can didn't do it where no decision. Is there I tell you may have been go to Toledo our heart and I'm not a W is about this accepting of this snow yet this is the first type of pulling words it's playfully taunting yes. I wrote this down weeks ago because it just is getting my doubt that rigs only cares about stupid things in the world can really figure out anything important it's like to. You know if you don't data and dated. Critically important politics of the world today. It is a lot. That are ready I just a big thing in the world happening but yeah you don't. I don't go off for thirty minutes about putting some splits it and don't colleagues aren't fans Wisconsin. The world looks like stigma and he's like that it gets home gyms and does he get mad about that's ridiculous PRD in the farm yeah when I'm just running in for a second knowledge to legally can bark in the filing united emergency vehicles a legal right. Odds are not going off yeah about 1030 minute. Somebody who works to finally get tickets yeah so all that Helena. But if you talked about. Anything of substance gun control not easily on America to the carried them. I. Now should get your goat to us now is stuff that doesn't matter teacher go I don't get it rigs and why don't get it does those. Big things are too polarizing topic I really hate getting an elegant controller abortion our politics and he has looked into over something even more dumb right but it's kinda like an important topic to be of the big things getting is affordable for big things that we can't really change your dumb to duke is so I usually work. Personal thing isn't it is different that tangible silly. The people's lives and see this matter where your passion is that it's sliced this show is the perfect mixture why's that only focus is on and really cares about super hardcore life issued a world issues she breaks and goes and spends all this time worry about people who put now here's on license plate at long Wear masks that I'm that dumb to you. I people wearing vests is more the guys are sure yeah. And I learned it best I'm now wearing a vest though and I he's. Not about like me like six or Brad. Story that's still rich is Matt. The day that people are wearing underwear so mad about that when I gonna do that another and another a generalized opinion about how I think sexual harassment is now of course and saying you don't port city and I had to go off about it Alfred and that's the only figure lessen the best in the well lame topic for thirty minutes because advances sow doubt and can I just say how much joy I get each and everyday and watch your expire January. You give a lot of thirty minutes about this and that's how. We talk a thirty minute of that and I didn't sit back of my popcorn yard on the gonna watch the damn what are the U. After I wrote dear god no matter how. Derek Jeter left at third out here yeah that's. Nice about the fireman when people can I yeah. It's infuriating man it's infuriating. It is great need to get a life and some problems that got it turns out about the struggle about Obama's economist gonna randomly insofar as you with a college or just FM this is dangerous. But he climb out from say the fire line. To lower the mantra. I'm calling you answer that question and widows creek yeah it was our bank. Well yes possible on this and this is second I don't want to girlfriend and I are gonna keep yelling at me now now I'm done it and I don't I said you get mad about the Donna stop and I don't get it you're passionate about like important that your passion about weird rhythms that by now died as I. I had taking big stances on big things I'd rather take they. It's dances and stupid things is as funny yet. You're not doing it to be funny you're really mad about it but dived but I've I've got new passionate about an abacus. Is now passionate about your passion about dumb things they definitely did a Rihanna on talk about how your head and well we're talking earlier I don't know what to talk about a third of all our 111. Assists and his team. There's a statement is he's. Katherine Marciano. Rigs and LE Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.