Alley - Owen DIDN'T Do It

Wednesday, October 18th

Parents can probably relate to this one! Alley's son Owen got a less-than-stellar report regarding his behavior at school, so Alley asked him what happened in an attempt to teach him right from wrong. Owen denied his actions. Alley got REALLY mad....then discovered that ANOTHER KID's report was actually sent home! Owen didn't do it!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line OK so I yelled at my kid and I'd I'd a total moron after ground. Owing to a parent and you've always got to behavior chart I ask the teachers send home every day tell me how he does school is doing kindergarten. Do you know that behavior chart that says he kid wants a computer so I turned my five year old Al and I hated. It's as you Nicky today really. And he's like. I don't like why did you hit it yet at all like denying and of course he's like mom. I really remember hitting again and right here and I'm pointing at the shark like gates says you hit it head right there you gotta tell you. An Eagles. Still rim breathing it in any stops and own guns away promised him I chart so. This your teachers out on the wrong behavior short of another kid's shirt why total agreement headlights did you. I'll take off so I think that this little math wasn't your kid that's what I did but I learned that Mike did not that strange enough. Get got a behavior Charlie asset kindergarten their voice and I talk to rice concerned she's a principal and elementary school she's like it's the adjustment period yeah he's. My dad first grade will talk about active kindergarten missiles right she's like they're kids that never even did it'd daycare and figuring out his own situation was my. I'm and that's and to for five years they've yet. Brought out another school. Structure south I thought wow that's cores of their home and his brother and mom and as I hey stopping you do that in public clinics schools now he's impressed charges is someone else's kids to root for world and every world out there. Yes unless I'm glad it was your kid this time it wasn't but it was just funny that yell and I realized quality fun. I quit I just don't agree on Mike Kelly why you hit it can. Oh she got the lightness I guarantee everything and I tell right now. I just made me. Can take my chart your right it's not your turn ten worlds OK is mom yeah. Doesn't matter where Michigan. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.