Alley - Obsessed With 90 Day Fiance

Thursday, August 16th

The Queen of Trashy TV Shows, Alley, has a new TV obsession. Ever see 90 Day Fiance? Even if you haven't, don't worry. Alley is here to tell you ALL about it!

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So now they re wines. One of three point seven kiss FM great finale Alex high and I've talked about this reform I got tarmac began to go between Michelle that everyone secretly watches and nobody will admitted openly which is I. Fiance. Up against any offered me the girl from Milwaukee is about to be on the show on. He didn't say it is one world office I know loves ninety day fiance of and. I she saw me in a college those paid did you see it I said yes Carl we start chips. Are you sure directors sitting in our heads we don't close our retirement Maggie yeah that you don't want city shows yeah I do I go yeah. Why people ashamed to watch it. Because it's called nine DJ fiance like watching married at first sight which I have met as well. I've watched Aaron I have what that was my life and get them confused is both ridiculous. I think the most ridiculous but I can't stop watching I'm right take a train wreck ACC title goods and TC. Is bringing the heat I just wanna say it's a network Malhotra group demanded a restaurant a ludicrous. I'll do what I'm watching more Brock lower TLC was my shows because in reality shows were always on point I'm Bravo housewives and every other thing. And I I am I've yet questions (%expletive) person yemen's yes what is the premise of nine needing Fiat are they engaged after 1980 except that the that let me just break it down already. I bet there's a girl from Milwaukee. About our C she's a mother some guy from Algeria oh. I don't know her story but I seem a little bit and they haven't aired her story but it's about people who meet someone online today and across the world OK they're. That met actually in person on vacation and then those have lasted OK okay mom. For the most part it's you meet samarra lies they may or may not be real you go to meet jammed and then you have 98 to get married if you wanna be gathered. We came on these. Genome bag Mary yeah. Ninety days or the southern I didn't put an attitude an entertainer ever heard saying I can make our immigrant AMP David's in the Lexmark people. I guess we don't play. I don't think was married at first sight and I mean they get married and they never seen each other they're not careful are unmarried living together the next day in May. Our ninety day east Donald I think that's insane and I looked at bat might Colombo to watch the show this was just from now she showed beyond they keep adding and they follow people are we get so absorbed back. I'll I doubt you have after the ninety days that you have both the ninety or so today if things didn't cameras follow them around and what dates in Lancaster home as a behind the scene up as anyone artery severed your attacks in bag I get to but the reality show and I confessional and you know you really can. Would you say that this actually. All right idol couple sorry I got they don't know each other how can I. I'd had the best is when somebody goes to another country in a person's like say Oregon. What band are all using them for money we get a lot of those. There's our girl who's just an idiot who keeps going over to Morocco. With this guy there's tons of stuff online have been cheating on her leg thing. We got so excited she keeps me say this one's even after the kids were getting married and shooting them there's still doubt it it's like. You just can't stop watching disease also got a bright lights yeah. The bush White Sox you know so he probably Justin Bieber and in Islamabad. I'm sorry I have now already ninety day fiance and you know what else is on TLC what is everyday are. Oh yeah and they said having his cell. Now watching touting the parent the kids are happy just letting kids now you know all the episodes are you know let's not. On TLC lets anything that stare through what that's that does. Or use is different the Learning Channel I Thursday. Yes it certainly is I don't even think about the Learning Channel alluded. People Harlem the ludicrous to Alex with a column I'm playing many more legs I'm here I don't think you know videos on their lives now I'm fine print in the bottom. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.