Alley - My Drink Was Violated!

Wednesday, July 11th

WTF did someone do to Alley's drink that TOTALLY grossed her out!? The answer is HERE!

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This is a. And Ellie rewind I have a serious question about something that happened in a restaurant and. At which west Lisa which restaurant I'd rather not I'd. I had to learn Serna is just restaurant a great restaurant and a in the cities at a restaurant yes sitting out local event. This diner counter at the kind of balance calories and see picture of the atmosphere arm and catch your. Well. Can anyone do this hastening it kinda gross me out. I love ice tea right unanimous about me yeah. So I ordered an Ice-T. Yeah and TV show heard you do it yourself. She didn't ask you about one of that limit which just fine I don't that's I don't eat fast racing now and a needle in my eyes wide play nice T unsweetened. Which are now sounds gross but that's what I grew up on yeah now and she says. She's been issued to the Ice-T and she had put two women split the slices and and she'd squeeze NN oh I was hoping you aren't gonna say that was like. OK why use school ease the limit damage is now grossing me out the dean of your fingers being in my jury. And you you didn't ask me if I want Atlantic he just assumed debt and eat. I don't want. Don't let fear a lot of good of the eleven comes with some people don't wash the produce a while playing for so you have to southern Lebanon hasn't been watching at the dirty rind and Darren and that's getting in here are some people don't I a lot of film but so I government waitress I order a lot of hype leading Atlanta I've ever had a way to squeeze the limit and I thought it was weird I want to know what you of that series grows and say OK to be. Might not like. That's what the server olive garden putting it in his hand and then just like with machine. Like putting and tell your cost they might as is he's no religion and I saw. Grossed out by air did she squeezed lemons in front you know all of showed what don't like to slice it's I was like. Distraught and my optical and that I'd like to feel like we teach school we win or one that meant was there when he does he had been squeeze him and Tony romo's squeeze a tennis and yeah she. How would limit in school and the orange two piece of let me and I just want yeah. And is batter basket technical question Sharon was it a wedge look at quarter wedge and that's why would it look like Lexus because why should get nice teacher decides I'll hand general. And different Alex doesn't not cool as it was a if you're still. The flavor of women now in the yeah it is you don't want to live and flavor in the T that is going eat at a bit. Wasn't even a part I can take Linux flavor for what IC I. I've never see somebody squeeze a limited my drink without it was about what event and yeah you. Yeah sure to play a gauge it they would be always have crazy you're crazy. It has 7170 can text us yeah indeed totally cool and good customer service if she were to bring the drink with the eleven and on top of it to your table and go hey can I squeezes lemon fruit that's. Over the top good service to bring it to him you know so all I would do. I still didn't. I know a lot know these are dumbest me yeah I mean I. Dirty kind of don't let your structure in my lifetime I've ever been given IC what the limits squeezed it into another so we. Yeah Jersey I've been with pals and one diner that's never happened and now Natalie it never happened I didn't even. Think about it happening or the fact that girls can't but it didn't happen but it grossed me out and down so your wait wait just squeezed limited MIT and don't keep it just. That's an adult and that's common practice a coconut or over the something I had ever had a it was the very bizarre and usually if they think he won more lemon I'll bring you like addition limit talk I couldn't say anything because they were so nice and loved listening to so. Worst finish. I was like you know did I tell you they even squeeze your limit and Mike T even think you'd think. I felt that didn't say anything I hit I don't know wondering just how crowded Alley not saying anything while I did. Did you read that feeds and we had a Texas have won a threesome did you drink to you drank and I did part of it hop summit is that more water is somebody's got to Texas and one to 37 may be they gloves up in the kitchen before they brought that no doubt you'll squeeze eleven imagery without asking also the search sexism or threesome and I wouldn't want to move booty finger anywhere. Well. Maybe that's why you were second Saturday. The. Everything about tax I'm gonna puke. You know that was why I was sick on Saturday because I had this has happened over a week of sort of attacks where it is a gross against him. We don't why don't we see that she is talking about the dates and maybe it was iced tea from someone before I thought they arise sir I'd I don't know you know what I don't really give somebody else and knowing how he's got big Hollywood purity messed up major reading on screen TV. I. Alex gave a when you have yuppies young view and I. I drink age is just not Hollywood I have I tried to just didn't take it out and going to be okay. Israeli charge and I'm glad that you go through until I had an experience where I didn't have good service in a restaurant the food wasn't so good evening line up nicely and they're like hey we listening as all the time and I was AK. And then I care listen anything bad about the shoe and nasty wind they're like hey I know I don't like I don't wanna hurt your feelings season not to listen while. Yeah does guide my food was dragged him dressed he was terrible yeah Charlotte. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.