Alley - The Joy of Disciplining Kids

Wednesday, July 18th

Alley's got this whole parenting thing down! She put her foot down when her son Owen wouldn't listen! Mom wins......and kind of loses.

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He missed it the first time. An Alley real life. How have been a drama and your house I just from this is weird I know right now he shot. Had the latest crackdown yesterday I had a not my kind of an ungrateful they're little punks and I'll involved that is true well that's yeah. To bad parenting makes kids play everything bad fat dog parents exact. The thrill to actually do anything yes true but learn what they see they learned from their entire may and they learn from the people around and sound yesterday. I did not feel very good as you can towel so I went home and we were gonna go to the pool and I just did not feel that benefits allergies making me Tyre is that you know white guys need to rest for a little bit so he can really get our urge you and then I'll see if I have the energy go to the pool not. Matches to know why I was like really exhausted Arabs and allergies allergies and he tired yes and I want to yeah. Yeah normally tired like part of the breeze to make you more tightly so it sounds. So I eat you know but anyways they're playing in whenever and then get up as you know what it's too much work toward the wall right now we're gonna go to a park and in fact altitudes to parks to warrant. Check out to new parks have been ten to just cut the entire house you know artist somebody come and take back Soledad tape parents of how she's done. I'm not sure now I'm not ready. We besides I looked applicable parts of town when it west Dallas and then I found another one in new Arlen buyer house I want to check out. So we go to the first and a sorry you go get Jimmy Johnson we go to the sector want sadly isn't really. Well. Look cool ma right. He's. How do we get home and oh in just he doesn't listen she. And he doesn't do anything asked him to do like she's very hidden messages because I'm not consistent so yet last night we get almost elegant. Get your stuff out of a car as he's walking in the houses and come back in the car pick appear Jimmy John's rapper in your CN what you would everything's finished you'd ships that get him out. How you feel like storm them I don't know I don't know. You know many might hit it 630 and I'm not the dude it's going out of the you go to bed now hell yeah necessary to have attack chili and about a seven zealots and he's he's selling it but he what is all summer and don't know it was six very solid I don't know had a little lunch are not so I liked. Errors in his leg. And they'd like the tears and see what he's hysterical all her sister and I like your music I looked a little stairs after you take out the Mike nope you're going to bat you're gonna ticket after he don't take up acting teacher my bed now yeah. So little. So he's crying knees crying and these critically you know what you could be better choices tomorrow we get Saturday how. They might attract decisions do to try and edit when you ask you to help me your dues some things you do it you don't scream no and write off snapped. Even make that choice again tomorrow and have the same result or you can change to our ball off so he added no worries next. You know your territory up and I regions of the shout out to the reality here in hushed. Oh us. I don't just how Smart nowadays you manipulative dear he does that he expressed some zone seemed at six almost seventy knows how to. He wanted to talk to me try to manipulate me and Beilein who needs I you know I just. I don't think you ever know from the no we're not gonna talk nobody can tell you how mad you are you can tell me how mad you are you can express yourself ditch your feelings out nothing's gonna change are going to baton to. Saudi cried in the united brand downstairs trying stops. And Levy upstairs that he's in the bath I can hear. I think there's a Thompson second elite and the two little punk and yeah. I'm like wanna just tell us how it all day around Al. And it's not easy alternate. In wheat from the highs the lows and I armor I think it was Monday fewer runs that janitors showed your show your kids helping you put groceries away. How are rolling great wrestler. And one Sony and in the days and I don't. Oh and like who's been helping me do more grown up stuff. I'm single mom changes your life oh yeah I hit it changes your life so having him do little things. Like help me carry in the grocery and big game changer. They like doing it you know they can do damn bloody solid junior consistent I have to continue but the problem is now they go to their ads and Jason are all can't. Yeah imminent. His dad I really we don't lie you know I'm an over communicate or he's under communicators outlets so that's what can we don't talk basically now for my aunt and sell. And I don't even get the problem that we've never sat down a bit my tell me about the parenting your house to tell me about it for a second so we'll but sure it's a way different would you share this story with their dad hey this what happened yesterday and we don't talks China. Pawlenty places you. That would give a situation we discipline ON and does something wrong. You don't tell your actions say hey just so you know doing mystery disease until logical lost art these. Here he's at public speaker co parenting will outline my and then kind of significant others to speak to Diana. Works out. I just it's just circle and he the other day asking kids to do something important would you tell your brother to start communicating with cream and. Anyone Jackson said no and or called me and told me wayward details about. You and is there we don't let that go on really lagged its oh Atlanta. Ellen likes to talk yeah now he doesn't want and go right into. I don't know why can't get out of the punishment Rodriguez's violent having done an inning kids don't talk trash is truly want to talk back. I think you know I tell us again Jamal hit it again and like half whenever and the best mark but when I left Owens a room to get putts and a bath. Come back he's it was a sleep you a 1007. Courses that he was exhausted of course I just I don't any acts like he's. An Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.