Alley - Jinxed The Packers

Monday, October 16th

Every time Alley watches the Packers, bad things happen. She attended her first Packers Party of the season yesterday....and you know what happened! #BadLuckAlley strikes again!


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Makes an Alley re wines. So we had a fun little weekends. He wouldn't know kids. We went to I even went out to be. Fear granting outlets are saying yeah. And David got drunk on Saturday Saturday however exit on Saturday M and then yesterday we at a hacker party which turned out horribly and I decided. That Alley has no business cheering for the attackers wearing Packers gear nothing because I did any. I am intention till yesterday and then look what happ and I've convinced I jinx us. One of those people who doubt that I watch I never read packer gear live my life on Sunday go to Wal-Mart I do I think. Sure and says the person is never superstitious I'm friends or friend Leslie she's things that every time she watches the game. The other team tens of scoring when she stopped elections is just hackers start scoring some she's convinced I use that as an excuse not to watch the game right yeah. I've got a lot. Now I'd like oh my god what if I really have that looked what do I broke or Roger is color almighty god only. I think she did I harper should now we have what I hear and I was able don't we do and everybody I'm terrible isn't earth yet. Yeah I over the thirtieth there if you're ever thought. Sarah I'm very dirty she means scrubs with oh and yeah literally they're out of urgent dirty I securities for a short stuff and that's a Terry's drugs. I don't take your bad luck I think you would that would happen regardless did tasks now as I don't know how that after yes yes that's last time I go to packer party watch the game where Packers south by Anaheim and it was a weird pack your party gets into court because it happened before we got there so you show up and all ingenuity and everybody is all bummed out and pissing you get their analog hole and runs through this Cole Hamels. So quick and again and it did inferior. Dirty hit dirty hit he think dirty hits yes he has tourney I even see it it was late when your car. Aaron Rodgers threw the ball and the guy had at least the second to lay up ornament do lady and all these Gerry Shannon Aaron Rodgers instinctively put his right arm up to kind of cushion is all I know you wouldn't try running full speed at somebody and and try stopping ended and it signed I cannot yeah. Really I've watched it happen until something. I did a lot public talk about football yeah and why I wasn't gonna let him play I was explaining concussions haven't Eagles. Might read to get it sugar yeah no neither do which is why you're not got all stressed out idol I'm telling you you're never put purple don't stress me. I'd like to get her. Don't reasonable request match replica. Yeah trauma or keeping it real I actually felt like I was dramatizing them that I thought. Or just tell the jury that. Why he's not played yet you're educating our young kids sheds. Yeah that's all three that's why more parents and her team and brother mean are all right did today's. National bosses day by the way guys. I can't out of town so as normally Vidalia to kiss your boss is biased and say nice things about them in by them flowers and do nice things for them but we're gonna do the latter half statistics. Are bought so we'll let you do the latter if you would like to call out your boss you can do it anonymously or hell he can deer named we don't care we hear your job. Your funeral. What I can pay your several tells our rigs flat and I side. Oh yeah tough sell lack of planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on my car. Buses how thanks see you do did you. I Carr took a nice and confident today of cards for them you know they don't anti bosses day to feel comfortable at 79. The deeply put the Jersey do our work. It's true. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.