Alley - Issues With Raising Boys

Tuesday, December 12th

Boys say and do the craziest, most inappropriate stuff. Alley has two young ones and, boy, are they a handful!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind who my nanny since the attacks yesterday and that's. I haven't figured it always got to TP out called Monad thinking and it would tell you can't do that. I know with everything party and in due to sexual harassment sexual misconduct like it's my job to teach teach kids right or wrong yeah we don't do it from the start. Which is why boys. But this culture her out where they think it's okay right on a percent. And I feel it is my job from that did go out to be like it. Either way yeah I had written I don't see let me tell you why I sit down and I go gee you know it can make a woman uncomfortable when you do that. You don't get to get uncomfortable when you do that you know that it's against the law to do that out. Let's. Be toast heard how much what may or may add her shoulder right now it's studies ever get trouble activities will. Losers out there today army Dahlia. Over the top but it's like so Marjorie demand within split with us try to change the culture and all this stuff going on in the world you know. You need a straw man bared like pounded home to the boy's. Little well given salt. Child. Don't know I thought he had lies jolt like no you went to Judy I. Hope you'll. Three boys found no no no way out that's a 100% I would network that is my six and four year old about. About not being inappropriate when it comes to sexual stuff with the what we're trying to teach. Double OK boy what would you say Elena and I think your now six and four yeah you see now that's funny you think it's all cute and funny or let me tell you something if you're doing this at six and four maybe try at 1614. And you're going to jail not only you're going to go to jail you're gonna have to register as a sex offender for life you're not going to be able to get a job you're not going to be or go to school you have literally going to ruin your entire life by whipping by by pulling out your privates at four and six years old. Ramifications down an up or no rent to kids I can tell you what there answer will be a bit like final live with our mommy her whole life we don't care portrait that liberty forever do you like. Are we can't get a job so let me know. And here these boys are colonized by the way I am I group with sisters. I don't know much about boy is clearly yes I made the best choice is the man could have and try to raise man is like. Costs and try to teach them is you don't wanna be so paranoid they can't. Just be themselves at the same time you are a doubles Erdogan to scare them into. Understanding what is right or wrong when it comes to what you can do sexually you know I got to tell you Alley when I was your son's age I was Hudson date my older cousin was six it was six and for the same age difference now. And when we were kids we would do the same sort of thing like Stanley vacations we would both would dollar PP's. Until I had the exact same shot that I just told you I would have with your boys yeah on the G told me. I'm sorry she was like you'll literally when she's had six and it's four years old doing this now you can ruin your life tenured guys turn your life will be over it really does start with the Mac Yahoo! yeah 'cause they haven't -- -- stop pounded him go oh it's a boy thing they can do it in their room and laugh I can stop it now this in the bud what do I wanna do when a nip it in the died payments to Sony and I just I just curious how to raise the man's a couple in this day and age with everything going on with culture in sexual contact Greg and teaching them right around it's tough it's a new time it stopped but it needs to happen. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.