Alley - He Told His GF To Lose Weight

Friday, November 3rd

Alley found an interesting story about a guy who wanted to tell his girlfriend that he loves everything about her except one thing...what does he do?


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Got to tell you this story analysis that's died in that blowing up the Internet can be asked is offered to lose weight. It's okay this the real story and I was actually starting to tell you about this morning. Like credit tightness on the air to his girlfriend read his girlfriend a gaffe. So it's this man he lives in New York this is true story okay he decided that. He loved everything about girlfriends he's even said himself he said. I thought she was beautiful I liked her personality. I thought she was Smart. Everything else everything about it was exactly what I wanted except for her to he said we have excellent day. He's at first I told myself I can get past it lets just see how it goes. So anyway I read about it's gotten so he said he was gonna go to couples therapy with his girlfriend he was gonna teller. In the therapy that he wanted to lose to okay. So I read a bad idea I did a really bad idea I mean whatever you people think that you now so. Any way he got the don't want social media out of course 9000 comments Dodd telling him to shut down its cries heard price here's target interstate must do this hot topic with a lot of people a lot of men aren't happy with the woman's weight and even when an unhappy with the man's weight. And. There's a therapist in New York in this article is that that this is a huge issue with couples she just dealt with one that we could amen the guy wanted her to lose weight. And so this is what that they're gonna therapist that I thought this is like such good advice did you like them I want my significant other to lose weight what why do. And that's the sad. She strongly advises. This is interesting to what are people to be healthy she said she struck advises against telling a partner you're not attracted them because there way to writers of the meanest things you can say image she's sad. That you know couples they say oh we should exercise to GAAP yeah. Now for what he'd be healthy. Our little hasn't salad let's wrap this gap is different ways of trying to tell their significant other and I'm happy with their weight. But what if there is said was that he now. Com. It's his issue actually she's actually set position that he might. Find out that he's actually attracted to someone else he might have intimacy issues he might lose attraction to partners after a certain period of time down to super comment. Or just ITC were immature and that's of their sense of a fair this had to. That job you can basically really traumatized him was arrested her wife by telling them you want him to lose weight but there was interest sang all right she's saying that there are ramifications to be endless because then the person has a complex about their appearance or may they might you know given to an eating disorder low self esteem or whenever. And to prepare instead it's just a person asking out of pure selfishness. Bryant had to write a lot of people think it's okay to say Eddie eagle is wait your partner right Reza isn't. Saying that I was doing going about it the right way and so what's the right way I guess is the question right way is to save us are making healthy choices to get there India and that is a couple making. They were to start exercising legal for a lot let's go out artistic the dollar from loch haley's. Go to the gym it's ten that's fine that's what our goals on the treadmill and watch Netflix the other guys tell me to lose weight once again when you lose weight and I it. To stay like seriously devastated me for like now. Gotta I would cry with the guys and I think it ever matter right now and he wants to be healthy which what do you went in the late healthy decisions he won is that. When she's now mining revealed complex about it well I here's the thing is that you can tell you know you can be unhappy to be an attractive to someone right you can be unhappy with the moment at the end of the day like. So you know you and I talked about the wheelchair tasked. Yet as well let's get you before how we got where my significant other senate what you lose weight but my sister said was a what you lost an arm an accident down or what is disfigured her body changed at all what yeah. Yeah love field. Course what. We I want to say gateway needed love me so what's the difference and that's its name and employee at its passage is a writer yeah you love someone or you don't. He would go south enters an article how am I suffering in and out what I posted on our face talks to people can still face a death comes less just know how.