Alley - He Has TWO PHONES!

Wednesday, August 8th

How would you react if your man had two phones?! A friend of the show has one phone "for his mama" and the other phone for business. Is he a total player? What's the deal!?

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An Alley relax. Casey mr. the first son and a three point 7% to demonstrate value we all Malaga. He shall remain nameless design and it's completely glossed amount the guy who has to follow. Kind of runs out now and I see you back and two songs right. So he comes in one day we'll talk until I'm Kenny says. It is its right to Sicily normal and we're like now that now. Normal now. A girl front this guy now which makes it even works so what tells the other console war. Right that you tell me your kids about I know what you got it's I. I have a friend that has two phones gap is because he had a cellphone of his own yeah you know he writes for an online newspaper for a sports team. And they gave him the phone and instead use this deposed in we're gonna pay for it in its number we can tell you he was at a guy I would. Second floor he being combine them together he try to get on one following but they won't do it forms who has to have to sneak a look around and doing no. Now whenever I bet I'm right now. He's saying there's some small situation where people might have to plug now and yeah its regular front I could miss this guy. In the ruling this guy was exactly yeah I want it all out of me. Yes what he's saying turn to talk his way out of it she said one was for like Lindsey Graham lied and the other one was for his mama. It's sort of the editor does not area. Haven't talked to his mom are family I'm sorry for the guy to balance. Sheet. Yeah like he's like now he's like I mean I love my girls and everything's gonna like shady area that we just. I think shady the quote they cracked me it was videos I don't make the rules I just follow them. Did you apparently. My you know that means like I'm trying to department had a run that even is like a guy and I I mean its rigs that means I'm making something. Did his caddie you sound like I'm allowed to have to solve. You don't have McCain can you tee you pretty much back and Italian are now telling her yeah and his girlfriend looks at the sound yesterday's. East Asia now and which is now are like not Smart writes how. I hate to think about it to him well not if you don't wanna know about what is she doesn't know he has to. Not and I said to him I said you better try and you haven't a man with two solid. I mean I can't look at it I said I can't do it and that's great because he acted like it was just normal that he would have two votes she wouldn't think anything got it I'm like yeah. She usually have you ever ever reason to have two phones he didn't you up from a than it does not object followed in your major don't write exactly what I. We're all pretty girl and I hope phone for us it's all well this is a great question somebody said as the girlfriend now both phone numbers get your I don't know cigarette. How big ice is a guy we are now today best of our knowledge that she has no idea of the existence of the second she does it do the best of my knowledge I don't know I can't remember what he said as he was just talking themselves in circles I wanna hang of the guy in public again and pay more attention to the phones. Hi we see one until I had when I see that one or the other McCleon men apparently yeah. CNN easier and I got eight G-8 GG AGA in my wedding DJ GA to throw away. All Craig does everybody and his Craig harsh measures. I would call and yeah it just isn't worth it every area go to a batter Craig carton of 100 no landline. A rotary dial again or you know as a regular dialing and great question now does the girl Fernando members because why would she had got it right yeah I think she only has two silence could ask them around like every everybody sees them. JD yes or 71037. Or you can call 7991 of 37 G yeah you're gonna. I tell her all day that we know of I. Yeah that's true. Oh my god it's. 770. Content. 79 and one of the reasons have been two fronts and sound shade nice. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.