Alley - Happy 6th Birthday Owen

Wednesday, October 25th

Alley's first-born son Owen is celebrating his 6th birthday today! As is tradition, Riggs and Alley spoke with him today about his big day!!!


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She missed it the first time. An Alley every line one of these when seventy cents and it's great finale pillow and it's his birthday oh win your bird. Sally is the oldest is six now. TV's. I didn't ever. November 14 and November 15 may be too late. Greg he. Birth they would just Ayatollah Ali okay. Okay in three weeks early and that's the million man blonde moment that you are. Sixty at all. Our aids. Maybe you worked on the radio in your kid's birthday to you when a common carrier air tonight so ends now. All I'm more people. This is why do you always have reverted back to me it's your birthday. Hey Alan what do you what did you ask or for your birthday this year. A you know more nations plans. More meaningful for me and I didn't. Yet he wants a drone you all he wasn't well what I Eric 06 RE sixty of the drone. It's just let me ask you more for six weeks at our own house and keep nine your neighbors miss Williams started I didn't want to go to Val and. I asked him how we failed because they are Flynn. He's that one I'll let me. On Saturday in the and then go a little above my. How easy drone to take the school picture. Learn about drones and that's why you want one now why I love you happy birthday or you have a good day. I've been there and didn't want this on the go away let Larry exceeded back home. I do it's always happy birthday backward using her. Why is. But still they don't really know what to say it is just say thank you just happy birthday and thank you know I love being held and normal. I don't have a great birthday and she the cupcakes I usually still. World's okay mom yeah it's good to know this dual mobs become a with seven different drugs free to choose from there all of thousand dollars each yes that's that's this. I think Sherrill that's no. You did you did you ask you to try your hand. And and our need to turn every new Taekwondo belt and I don't show that he's testing first first bell our man. They're big day you're gonna nail it buddy you got us he got this. Pat beaver tail and it. You are now what I love you have Bieber they are you up from school. Happy birthday. And Edinburgh. Somebody's exodus 71 of 370 quotes it's cool though and says happy birthday back Alley because that's common in the comment Holland who was the mother happy birthday to since she gave birth he had mixed after Darryl hostage. And trail. Yeah I I should be celebrated today I don't know I just I. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.