Alley - Hairdresser Drama

Monday, March 20th

While getting her hair done, Alley asked her hairdresser if she'd ever done one person's hair for mulitple weddings they've had. You'll love the conversation that came from that question!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie really flying space so I hope a lot of the hairdressers are awake now we although they seem to like ten. They may go to work and allow men who I I love the hair stylist. Schedule yeah. If care John here hookers probably listening yeah a resident here. Here's I was sabotage the story absolutely they had therapist Greg gosh I tell my hair stylist that nobody should now I mean seriously and I lead earning a wow I just told her whole lot. It was a dad get my hair colored in and sit there and I'm talking Norton this girl Denmark Christie's admire for a long time off and on yeah. And we're back on. Like she had a baby in all the snaps hey let's get the work she's having unfortunately Kellogg's. Don't force what was that I'll ask they be if you don't any volatility. So anyway we're talking about how we met. And I remember I used to live downtown and then somebody recommended use so I started going do you with the salon downtown and then you moved. You started working at one out walk shy when there were reminiscing and it didn't hear my hear from my wedding it looks so good she's like Janet and. Oh my gosh if I ever get married again yeah you're hurting. Wait a second. Gives you a giant. A bright pair for her like first and second wedding make sure. First I was out there are on people's fairer manner when infer that money why do you write you know for what ever. Sure you want into Joseph and it's happened before especially people live in the same city out of there again she started last time and she was flag I have never done and that nail lady with the next door she started laughing because we're all like surely. You know I just got my mind thinking like of all the crap hair stylist might you know I mean I was like I know somebody out there's stands a bit easier for their first and second wedding would you trust your tell us to do your hair again yes. She had my camera and I got Mac don't want they look great with my hair. Is the best part about your wedding we share the tennis that I. And I think that I yeah I Sayyaf I guess so I don't know silly useless as an employee at a bar yeah. We'll enforce Annan on every seven if the standards of the night as I was really surprised and appreciate his deep way and that guys don't have deep conversations with people what does your hair because your energy excitement that you don't let my takes two hours. And I would go to my Marbury Jersey when I look back in Jersey I would just there to Jersey Davis and barbershop dad says that in his kitchen might Myanmar or come here and I would spend two hours there he said it was just talk about life I would open up and he knows things. That no one. No one has no one knows it as the bodies are hidden. When you nice give and we'll find out that guy's not really a barber he just like set up shop at his house is that I've Weis and I I knew he wasn't licensed. Plays for any age is something I got everyone task. Is this again out of their kids shears. Just let your hair I have I can open up to a hairdresser and own this for me is like a twenty minute ordeal and I wanna talk literally as little as possible I just wanted to see. On the small clock and I don't know. We can't just too little remain small town I think getting hears sounds as good and mad at but it did make her cry look how great dead in college and lived talking about how hot hot hot. Rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.