Alley - Google Solves Everything

Tuesday, January 23rd

Alley was having MAJOR issues yesterday, spending hours on a simple task. Then she Googled it and was able to complete the task in under a minute.


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This is a big finale rewind I tell you Google is amazing camera literally changed my life because yesterday I got home. The light bulb went out to in my entryway light which leads I had to get the latter and change the ball ball. First of all I hate heights but that's just sat beside the point I. I don't even like stepping up ones like one step on the Larry bugs me I feel like out of control so I did get up there. And I have a screw this flight to open my entry way and I realize I can't get the light off I take. At the glass. And sort of sit name. And didn't jewels and I'm like China to break don't lie eight from China get this thing off and I'm trying to unscrew the. Like six jury than what are the days is the massive check out. Paul exasperated. And I went to Google. How proud my hollow earlier I think certainly like. I try to do is raise your way light and the glass is not what I'd do it literally adhere to give credit where what I. He does right now families of the so stupid random on you know what it's like OK. You just need to turn the path until snaps out. Words told yeah. Guess how right you drag your life down here I have a great arms so to Honda. There went off I go do a marathon and how yeah black dog I don't up a half. I certainly don't like what. It like they just started to affect us for that kind of iGoogle that I figured. And I and I was sitting on the stairs exhausted after it and I thought. I do before Google yeah. Old handyman was not a and one by. I would have literally made them leave their house yet to come out the glass now that I gonna sound that Google is. Amazing and all you little dogs that don't know what it's like to live without Google like are doing and I asked you did you fire up you need to ask the Internet everything went. If it. Finally the point now where I think to ask the Internet everything best things that. They took a while the media the process you can ask the Internet Batman going down so stupid like such a random question like that title I get one piece of glanced off the one random blind to. And before we I weird smell our kitchen once and when what's so what might kitchen smells like weird sewer and came up right away from the sale. I like it just said that there might be a C relate to my house that was special and I had great. I'll throw it sure is certainly an immediacy relate amassing a one in my house and the like who. I don't know crap like take Internet tonight and I. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.